Staff work to implement the lessons of Winograd Committee headed by Deputy Army Chief of staff.

Chief, General Gabi Ashkenazi, currently appointed his Deputy, Maj. Gen. Dan Harel, the head staff work to examine the lessons of Winograd Committee, IDF • IDF receives professional document dialog and sees an opportunity for thorough treatment on the Commission findings “indicate the Chief discussion

תאריך: 25/02/2008, 18:28    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The appointment of major General Dan Harel to head the staff work is determined.
By the end of the discussion forum on the popular special Winograd Committee conclusions.
The staff work to review the implementation of the lessons of Winograd Committee to rectify the defects and improvement of function. the Forum discussion for debate held two weeks ago and which was popular to main forum members.

The Chief added that beyond the work trochz by the Vice Chief of staff, run commands, departments heads and arms to find the lessons which in their field and to implement them in annual work plans.

At the end of the hearing, said the Chief, General Gabi Ashkenazi that IDF receives professional document dialog and sees an opportunity for thorough treatment on the Commission findings. “

It should be emphasized that the IDF did not wait for and taken many actions in various fields which found itself in during the past year IDF training program implemented as there was for many years. One of the lessons from the war to business practice senior Headquarters and trained during 2007 the wings, arms and seaports and one of the four commands. In addition to training and ogdatis were trained all regular divisions, most reserve divisions, the supporters and the regular forces and the reserves in the arms and seaports; All exercises and movement training, while applying the lessons and insights gained during the investigations.

The five-year plan was known as “rapid streams”, a budget of close to $ 2 billion to complete and improve the equipment in the warehouse.

When it comes to training commanders, it is a revolution for the perception of training as well as States that no officer will be appointed to a position without proper training with an emphasis on continuity and continuity in training.
Since the war were built (some from scratch) and the plans for improved training of commanders, implemented this year, including the course, course, course is appreciated for senior commanders, the arms issue of courses, air, sea and one for intelligence
Integrated. In the back of the head before long and thorough process command for the lessons, offered an extensive exercise and to generate lessons for the Audit Committee and the political echelon.

Implementing the lessons of the cold war also assimilated work plan for 2008 and annual work plan “Israeli Rabbi”, which was formulated and approved last September.


Translated from Hebrew