Started transferring fuel from Egypt to Gaza through Israel.

העברת הדלקים, בסוף השבוע שעבר. צילום: מתפ”ש

Fuel transfer was made possible thanks to the lead coordinator of government activities in the territories against the Egyptian Government and officials in the Palestinian Authority

תאריך: 10/06/2012, 15:28    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Last weekend began moving the Qatar Government donation fuels from Egypt
Through Israel to Gaza. In this context, was coordinated in last Thursday’s Knesset 130,000 liters of fuel. In addition, the Kerem Shalom crossing will be opened tomorrow abnormally, to continue the operation of the fuel transfer to Gaza.

In light of the Egyptian Government’s request to transfer fuel to the Gaza Strip of about 30 million liters (about 10-15 tankers each day), the Defense Minister confirmed the transfer of fuel from Egypt through Israel to Gaza.

Coordinator of government activities in the territories, Maj. Gen. Eitan dangot opposed allowing staff work, featuring Southern Command officials, coordination and liaison administration in Erez, the Foreign Ministry, the Defense Ministry’s border crossings, airports, customs and taxation, the Ministry of environmental protection and the Israel Police, in order to coordinate the transfer of fuel from Egypt through Nitzana crossing to Kerem Shalom crossing to the Gaza Strip.

While the staff took place facing twin Egyptian Government officials and senior figures in the Palestinian Authority to ensure the transfer of fuel from Egypt to Israel.

Fuel transfer is expected to take about three months and is expected to enable streaming on diesel power station in the Gaza Strip to assist the fuel shortage in the Gaza Strip and reduce the long blackouts.

Translated from Hebrew