State Comptroller`s report presented to Knesset Speaker Edelstein

(From left: Elharrar, Edelstein and Shapira. Photo: Itzik Harari, Knesset PR Division)

State Comptroller Justice (ret.) Joseph Shapira presented his report Tuesday afternoon to Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein and the MK Karin Elharrar (Yesh Atid), chairwoman of the State Control Committee.

”I thank you for presenting the report, which covers numerous topics,” Edelstein said to Shapira. ”One of the issues which cannot be ignored is minorities` rights, a topic which concerns me both as Speaker of the Knesset and as a citizen. It hurts the country and also the right to an equal life. The report also covers issues related to morality and organized crime. I hope we will draw the necessary lessons and create a situation whereby the State Comptroller`s Office will express its satisfaction with the handling of the issues that were raised.”

Shapira addressed the ”norms that are demanded of elected officials and public figures when it comes to spending money that is not their private money.” The State Comptroller`s Office has made it a point to publish criticism of unworthy norms in this regard, he said, adding that ”a public figure must avoid excessive expenditures, even if they are funded by an external source, and we should consider the possibility of issuing guidelines that will regulate the ceilings of external funding for government ministers and also for Knesset Members.”

MK Elharrar praised the State Comptroller for publishing a ”comprehensive and significant report which deals with matters that are crucial for the state.” The report, she said, deals with issues related to tenders in the public sector, public diplomacy, employment in non-Jewish sectors and more. Elharrar said she would convene her committee to discuss the issues mentioned in the report.