“Steel” decorated Division completed the logistic preparation

The Division’s commanding central command participated in logistics study, part of an increasing willingness for escalation scenarios in sector

תאריך: 15/10/2012, 14:47    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

נגמ”שים, תאג”די, and infantry tanks, filled this past weekend “shaped steel” of central command. For once it was not necessary,
But in order to define each command echelon Division ready logistically, ogdati training day.

Advanced day reached all company commanders, commanders of battalions, commanders of divisions and the Division Commander. The purpose of the study, according to the officer, Lt. Col. ogdati logistics Pini Ben
Moyal, is “defining the Division prepared logistically, improving skills and knowledge of the subject, see the logistical challenges in the various facades and increase the readiness to continue the escalation scenarios in knowledge in logistics.”

Today that Dima scenario describes, was divided into two phases. Theoretical phase
Past participants lectures for the logistics battalion, Division to the Joint Chiefs, the challenges and complexities are expected to deal with the issue and tmagnot against the threat. The second part of the day was the practical part, which included deploying measures of all levels and logistical levels. Pi said that tspokat components are deployed, heavy tspokat trends including cruelty and armoured logistic means, supply company that has deployed and foot infantry and tanks of corporations. In addition, CPR company
Forward deployed in maintenance in addition to extraction, and deployed across points that seemed set transitions force control person. Moreover, the image depicts him ncetrko participants
To extract soldiers boarded a cargo tank.

“This is a great layout for all levels and very significant. About 200 participants took part in a great day in which what we identified Patel as weakness, and today was a significant part of the Division, said Lt. Col. Ben fighting Moyal.
In addition, specify the Hornbill understanding among commanders and among the logistics that
The main task is to create a row in the Middle, and repeat the lessons of the second Lebanon war is built. Importance for logistics logistic axes continuously, as if Greece one day operate, stop and Division operations division. in the big shrimpy.

Translated from Hebrew