“Steel” decorated drastic reduced the number of deserters in 2011

תא”ל יחזקאל בביקורו בעוצבה, השבוע

The Division agreed this week made up of multiple hochthero processes successfully, with an emphasis on power and found service for war.

תאריך: 28/01/2012, 18:47    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Despite the bitter cold prevailed in the Golan and decorated hatm Menashe, “traces of decorated shrionerim” won the week’s visit “designed” the Aegean, Brigadier General
Ezekiel. The visit was conducted as part of routine inspections held every quarter in each of dozens of molded steel “brigades”.

Visits have been tested all terms of service problems, disciplinary problems, accidents, safety and emergency preparedness – of the importance of maintaining the security of the information. The audit was a success, with an emphasis on power and found service.

Regulations that was sharpened Hannibal procedure, the procedure that operated during the kidnapping of a soldier.
“Division define the critical issue is important, and we educate them that deployment to ongoing security activity impedes kidnappings,” noted my container to the site.

In the Mao era told her that right defense budget reduced and require different preparations. “When you prosecute commanders all the resources,” said Brig. Gen. Yehezkel. Eco battalion “means effective utilization. Where to save-save. Where should exercise-trained. The order of importance of the qualification, “he said.

The visits will also summarize data in 2011, with special success in the field of manpower utilization. “By informing and including, we were able to reduce drastically the defectors, told my trigger. All in all it is a quantity of two companies — high datum. Moreover doctor for “project” which began battalion last year.
Removed the references to book rounds, causing shortages at least okay.

In addition, against the background of racism towards the Ethiopian, Brig. Gen. Yehezkel soldiers the importance to unpretentious domestic special populations, and Division.

Molded steel Commander also told one of the major challenges in recruiting emergency-soldier. The Division name to emphasize “the emergency procedure in the development challenge,” he said, “send the order to the person to the position as a warrior in this complex but crucial procedure to, and thinking about her.

Translated from Hebrew