“Steel” decorated: meaningful progress technologically

The mtmrant Division of Central Command conducted special training day on the fleet, “600”, Holocaust and routine emergencies.

תאריך: 04/11/2012, 14:21    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Steel ב”עוצבת” continue to implement a fleet system (Army-Digital) “Advanced” version of the 600 Holocaust. The true Division day
Study of population, from level to Division Commander. The goal, according to ICT “Battalion” bus belonging to Col. David zerias, Division, is to define the professional officers on startup and qualification necessary.
Commanders of the five brigades of the Division participated in training day, which took place in the current magnitude is the first since the implementation of the upgraded system. In the last month the Division has implemented in the latest version of the system, which allows full connection
Of all systems and improves the control capabilities of the Majles. There are
Many applications that appear on the system, including implementing the evacuation of casualties,
Advanced communications aims to improve the management of the logistic system and advanced 3D surface analysis Among the ongoing integration applications to share information
And effectiveness for enemy targets when the captain can see on one screen all the information, allowing him to make decisions in a shorter time and accurately.
Very substantial progress technologically. If before an intelligence officer would make decisions on a map from noilant, now everything works automatically a lased on GPS and smart systems, “explained” epic “. Advanced day touched everyone in addition on the transformation from normal to emergency system used, and the importance of maintaining a fleet service held today pursuant to the exercise which was brigades a month ago, which was termination occurrence of technological operations in recent months in the Division.
“Commander steel, decorated Brig. Gen. Motti Baruch, summed up the study, saying that” was very professional and drowning the system to service another step. ”
He repackages system along with practical exercises. “All commanders understand that without
Deep and genuine understanding of systems, the Commander just becomes less effective “, said Lieutenant Colonel zerias,” an integrative system more convenient, more effective, more targeted provides materials and resource investment it is lower.

Translated from Hebrew