“Sting” awarded Unit Awards for excellence and outstanding dogs

18 first-rate the signals unit and awarded certificates of appreciation to soldiers and dogs suffered operational successes. The unit Commander also gave medals to outstanding dogs

תאריך: 04/10/2011, 12:59    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Last week and the new year, awarded to soldiers award
K9 units “sting”. At the ceremony were “protectors” to 18, and the outstanding unit
Certificates of appreciation to soldiers and their dogs that have suffered operational successes this year. Dogs can also honor medals: with white-blue lace that hang about their necks by
The Commander of the unit.

Among the successes registered its only operational assistance in searching and finding
Missing, gunrunners and capture conception infiltrators in different sectors. Some of the soldiers and their dogs have won several medals, and some were not the first class.

“Today is an opportunity for us to look at some of the many activities in the past year, key control” oketz unit, Lieutenant Colonel j, “this year the unit continues to build, hack, news ways to initiate, lead and achieve in operational activities and in other fields of endeavor.

The unit commander said that “this year the unit not sitting idly by and waiting for the operational activity, but continues to initiate, locate the existing operational gaps
In the sectors to adjust their required competencies and to initiate new activities in all sectors, brawn habir to combat units, and as organic power of oketz unit led by unit commanders, and said: “my heart is full of appreciation for all of you.”

Lieutenant Colonel j. also discussed the challenges of the future are expected to meet in the new year.
“In the future seems to have the army in General, and especially for many complex challenges are expected.
The Jolt that passes on this country requires us to be prepared for conflict, “noted. “We,” sting “, always be our capabilities to bring to bring our relations through professionalism and Warrior’s high operational and effective use of the dog, through striving to touch, initiative, determination and the requirement to always be in front, moving forward to Thunder cannons, thus affecting the outcome of the fighting,” he said.

Flight Centre Chief and special qualifications, Colonel Sun, said at the ceremony that “modestly to reserve” sting “she faced last year with challenges in the best possible way and inspires. Today there are almost all white army units and in all sectors.
Fighting on the uncompromising fighters and warriors “sting” unit. The next year.
Be full of complex operational challenges, and “sting” will continue to lead the field in operational and even army merho.

Translated from Hebrew