Stockholm: the women who target men for target.

מדריכת קליעה בזרוע היבשה. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Shooting instructors of professionalism on all weapons before they give the Warriors before battle. “Our training is finished, the fighters know how to control the arms perfectly”, says one of the counselors

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מחבר: עומר פרלמן שטריקס, אתר זרוע היבשה

Shooting instructors of various weapons expertise and learning the principles
Already, shot and then give the Warriors before battle.
Concepts such as “ו”מעוף “in motion” shot are foreigners with valid warranty is that the information to control fighter weapon perfectly.

CPL. Karen serves as Tour Director shot in the arm. The IDF began training,
Like all Soloman, MA day “held before the draft. “Manila which was sent to me
The role of live instructor strived to reach a position that was interesting to me, and I marked it a priority. So I went to basic training the instructors (extended 2)
And then I got to the course. In the end, all the stones were a soldier sent to guide in the field “start, says Karen.

Stockholm: the women who target men for target.

Shooting instructors course includes theory lessons and expertise on various weapons.
From training to weapons training recognized as “wipe” and “along the whole course shot weapon every day and so accumulated a lot of experience and confidence on the toolbar.
When I finished the course I took additional time inlays inlays where each gymnast.
Shooting was sent to another base, and I was sent to a person, “she says.

Beam says duty includes theoretical and operational training, boot camp and OCs to מ”כים class. “I’m teaching them all, the most basic things like,
Operation and shooting modes to more complex things like a shot and chicken.
I believe shooting mdrachi should be sensitive and tolerant people, work with people requires attention. You are responsible for that, ultimately, they know how to control the arms perfectly, “explains Karen.

To other prospective to enlist for duty, tells Karen that he made it.
For more responsible, more independent and professional, and much more. “I learned how to optimize my work and promote myself and those around me. I found some concern for others is
How important is it to be sensitive to a soldier you guide “, says,” every Fund
I’m expecting a weekend call from my Chief tell me where am I going to show next week and some interesting places get.

Translated from Hebrew