Strong communicators

Massive troop of C4I Corps is “carrier” of the media. Telephone and Internet connection to all the bases to combat operating פקע”ר and whistle’s” red “

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מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

“The carrier takes water from the sea of Galilee, the kernel, it tube
A split water to cities, neighborhoods, streets, houses up to the faucet in the sink. We do the same thing, but with communication that simplifies a strong battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Yossi as Hardy, simple and abstract of his regiment. Operational fighter Regiment, deployed all over the country. A battalion of elite commando unit, the national carrier of military communications.

Strong communicators

Massive troop soldiers responsible for communication between the servers and all units.
What happens underground, above ground and in the air, if optical fiber, cable and specialty of the regiment. Infrastructure, simple word. But here the simplicity ends. “This is a first-class operations battalion, ordered all failure anywhere in the country. I always say to the soldiers that I don’t expect them to kill the bomber, but they are obliged to give all the other media envelope, “explains Lieutenant Colonel as Hardy.

Quality communications infrastructure to deploy wherever necessary. Some of these bases are the troops that the IDF forces so important communication, Internet, cellular, phones, information – all hosted by massive troop. They allow the army to be the world’s armies. It’s not just that they are associated with the breastplate in teleprocessing, telecommunications systems equipped with the most advanced Western and quality measures.

As the national mamovill leave many pipes to different regions in the country, the Regiment is focused on one thing and one thing only. The projects are in themselves or in development, is always there massive troop. The establishment of the city where South broad infrastructure work demands; The border fence with Egypt, whose construction is perfect all the time, attached to the measure requiring communication cables; Every e-mail message sent in won’t do it without the author.

Therefore, “with great power comes great responsibility”: to give so much responsibility in the hands of the soldiers need them. “It’s the cream of the cream,” describe it as Hardy, Lieutenant Colonel “practical electronics and electricity, graduates years 13 and 14 servants set — smart people who understand and are experts in, great. We have a mixed array of boys and girls in high quality data owners. All this to be ready and prepared. “

The soldiers serve in a year and a half, permanent, but there is no sense of crisis and degeneration among them when their business is technology. Monthly change in the advanced area. They are experts in the profession they have division between leaders, technicians, controllers that monitor all the events gsertam communication, customs and company commanders, boys and girls alike.

But beyond that there are infinite importance geographical aspect — each serving in sector, know her, studying her, her. “The combination of professional expertise and groundbreaking gsertit”, said.

Firm against “forces of nature”

This week shook the ground, tsunami washed on the North, Ein Gedi workshop opened, falling rocks on roads, lightning and hail storms led to breaks
And ground slide intended places – or at least smoke a drill point 6 of the HFC. Natural disasters of this kind do not skip strong troop “him.
To cope with short communication, fiber, wire, and disconnect.

It’s hard to grasp the significance of events, the magnitude of the responsibility imposed on the Regiment, until Lieutenant as Hardy explains that they are integral in case of shooting Qassam rockets and bombs.
Mortar fire across the Gaza Strip. Their infrastructure connects the system identifies the firing between the system activates the alarm. Communication cable or optical fiber to avoid deeper disaster.
But not only “red” system receives requests of the battalion’s soldiers, but also the sirens of the HFC. “Just like everyone who drinks water from the sea of Galilee, connect hearing alarm log the alert”, clarifies when Colonel Hardy.

Therefore, while the home front command teams and command post evacuated hospitals according to the exercise scenario, massive troop regimental exercise first entry two years – against strong forces of nature. It was a unified brigades exercise first of its kind, since the main difficulty is the laughing stock management features. When anywhere on Earth there are soldiers from the Division, and is a spatial brigades means nationwide control during exercise or war.

“The exercise simulates a war more closely: sleep deprivation, as weapons, drill and fire אב”כ from me as the deadline. Everybody scattered
From Mount Hermon to Eilat, command and control is a real challenge, “described the Majles.

“I see during the exercise, people who understand the responsibility they have on their shoulders. Look them in the eye and see that they understand the threat. So don’t just have 100% attendance of reservists, and it has special meaning in the first week of the academic curriculum. Thanks so I feel relaxed that in case a war breaks out, and got back
Reserve personnel readiness inventory and motivation in addition to the regular soldiers, “he added.

Thus, during the exercise, the okapzzo powers to different spots, unknown cutouts, fixed bugs under load and pressure, moved with vests and weapons and eat combat rations All these are designed to allow communication in Israel, on the various aspects to be run properly without citizens or security bodies feel. And they do it every day with
Regimental exercise or not.

Translated from Hebrew