Stronger cooperation between air defense systems of the IDF and the United

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Third air force, Commander of the American army came to visit Israel focused preparation for the joint exercise between the us army

תאריך: 21/12/2011, 12:52    
מחבר: שיר אהרון ברם, אתר חיל האוויר

General Frank gorenc, Commander of the air force, United States Army, third
Arrived last week visited Israel and explore iron dome battery “stationed in palmahim in ITB in Holon, that simulates the action of air defense systems in wartime. The General came to strengthen the relationship and coordination between the armies towards the Austere Challenge exercise that will take place next year.

In General, the current Commander of all American forces are in coordination with the IDF, is a senior United States air force, who commanded squadrons, two tails
And Washington County air.

“The aim of the visit is to practice commands and procedures, in the field as well as at Headquarters,
As part of the preparation to AC, wing squadron in active defense, Lt. Col. Dedi. “We show a general, what really happens in the batteries, and then practice on ITB coordination and cooperation on systems, like” magic ו”שרביט” arrow, extends
Lieutenant Colonel.

The tour began with a of iron dome intercepted last weekend a rocket fired towards Israel from the Gaza Strip. General hosted a gorenc Israeli air defense command, Brigadier General Doron gavish, who led the tour. With the General met with
Iron dome unit Lt. Col. Gilad Byrne and battery Commander Capt. Elad cinamon, explained
On the structure of the battery, how the system works, and to alert detection system “.

After a tour of the battery and at the launch site, the General battle lab that ITB combat laboratory at ITB. This is a laboratory for the development and coordination of forces and joint warfare concept in active defense. In general the laboratory together with the Deputy Commander of the air defense command, Brig. Gen. (Res.) Eitan Yariv, and Brig. Gen. Crystal image of battle where are reflected the different systems react. After visiting the ITB General palmahim base, where he visited ב”חרב shield” system command.

The Austere Challenge exercise that will take place next year, is a joint exercise with the air defence Brigade 357. During the exercise, practice of collaborating in her American Patriot batteries deploy, and command and control posts at Hazor and the palmachim.

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