Study: soldiers eating neater and healthier since I was

דובר צה”ל

The first survey conducted by medical corps in collaboration with the Ministry of health, revealed that most of the soldiers reported significant improvement in their dietary habits,
Compared to years for citizenship

תאריך: 25/05/2011, 11:34    
מחבר: אמנון דירקטור

Who says fat soldiers during military service? Believe it or not, the first of its kind survey conducted by medical corps in collaboration with the Ministry of health, shows positive findings about the quality of health and nutrition with rookies. The survey proves that during
The service soldiers eat more organized than before and that they should consume less and more healthy food. IDF website with the study.

Soldiers are extensive and unique cross-section of Israel General. With the army recruitment population change ways her life for two to three years, both in terms of living conditions and dietary habits. The survey conducted by medical corps designed to gather basic data צה”לית even level about health and nutritional status on a representative sample of the population of trainees in combat.

The purpose of the survey is obtaining status on health habits and nutrition among rookies for intelligent design of combat intervention programs to promote health. In addition, the study helps in mapping and identifying populations at risk for nutritional gaps. The study also examines the eating habits among the target population and shows
Description antropomteri position (a measure of weight, height, waist and hip circumference) of soldiers.

The target population in the study are rookies guts (guys) who serve for at least a month.
Each. In the study attended 7 different combat units, and -466 soldiers participated in the survey. The survey
Performed during Mon-Fri when the recoveries referred to Sunday-Thursday only days when soldiers were eating at the base. The questionnaire included demographic questions such as the sampling and his family, State of health, physical activity, alcohol consumption, smoking habits, personal garden and mental health and adaptation to military service.

The findings of the study can be seen that 46.2 percent of the soldiers husband body mass index (BMI)
Fairly average and good. 58.1% of soldiers declared that health is very good or good.

And these are the changes in eating habits since the military service: 58% of soldiers eating milk products compared to 66% who eat fewer baked goods. 59% eat anymore.
And there is a 50% reduction in the consumption of sweets and sweet in the service. There is a decrease
Of 62% in the consumption of meat, poultry and fish, but an increase of 39% eating fruits and vegetables. Since
Military service there is a significant increase of 72% eating breakfast. In terms of drinking, 71% of the soldiers that drink more water than they drank before the military and 84% less drink hot drinks. 58% drink chocolate milk since they joined the army.

The questionnaire asked the soldiers what the frequency of buying the underlying restored. 12.6% of buyers every day recover, 17% buy twice during the week on rising and 9% buy never rebuild. He later asked what they buy in repair: 65% of soldiers buying sweets or salty snacks and 20% buy pastries. And when they recover, in 91% of the soldiers said they were buying drinks from motkat.

This is the first survey conducted in which reflects the nutritional and health status of the freshmen. Later it will compare actual food consumption recommendations.
The survey data will be used by the medical corps to develop an information-based programs to promote health.

Translated from Hebrew