OC North Yair Golan watch cut ה”נץ” flight command (F-16)

תאריך: 10/03/2011, 13:33    

Between green jumpsuits in afternoon briefing of the Scorpion Squadron “, idea flashed red biretta paratroopers. Gen. Yair Golan came to northern command pilot, with seasoned fatigues as a skilled Warrior. Soon he took over the briefing delivered material and found strong interest in the pilot and in cooperation with the ground forces. “The ability to see the IAF inside and to examine this important system we’d like,” said Gen. Golan the Israeli air force. “Operations are on the ground and in the air are especially complex operations, which make the process of collaboration is not easy having to practice and understand.”

While preparing for and adapting to green overalls recalled Gen. Golan in recent flight
In the IAF. “I flew here last time over 11 years in the Phoenix Squadron. If I remember correctly there was a flight on the Hawk aircraft, things must have changed since. ” In 2005 the squadron was closed and the last post was none other than Al Dunn, currently the Commander of hatzor airbase and now also the pilot will air along with OC.

The way to the plane. Pilgrims, natmat canopy, and the pilot wave goodbye and the engine roars toward northern sector patrol. During the champion’s feel the g-force during the assault, and review the northern sector, from East to West.

With the landing told Golan champion one-time experience. “I don’t understand how you are able to manipulate the system and at the same time paying attention to what’s happening on the ground and what land forces ‘,” said the champion. “I heard things ground forces with air and I was surprised that he was able to understand the language even though he’s not there. Suddenly I see
Things through the eyes of a pilot in the cockpit and see how it works here and how important
To strengthen cooperation between us ground forces, the air force “.



Translated from Hebrew