Summarize 2010: operational successes, advanced weapon systems and special populations

IDF website system collected for the major events of the past year, is IDF: next year will be good. All the details

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מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

The operational successes and progress in general systems arms, women’s promotion, new partnerships and the rise of environmental awareness: the year 2010 in the IDF for the IDF site system collected for major events
For the past year and wish you a happy new year, safe and successful!

While IDF units and old celebrated way backto dates round right along their new units emerged. At the beginning of 2010 was “Sky Rider unit first, which is responsible for the transfer of information from the battlefield using unmanned aerial vehicles.
“This is a breakthrough in the new area, linking the Mainland to benefit the needs of the land,” explained Chief artillery officer, Brig. Gen. David Swisa, only initiation.

In the new breakout not only be halted: the air force UAV Squadron was separate “ETAN”, considered to be the most innovative and progressive.

Following the disaster on Mount Carmel, where the need for a pilot to be tangible shutdown immeasurably, established
Squadron in May this year. The Squadron, named after the late riven killed in Elad, has already won many operational successes, including cornering that broke out near the giraffe Museum Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. In view of this, the month also inaugurated a new province-province command.

The Corps also resumes-troop Regiment an OWL “. The regiment has incorporated under it all the defensive theme against conventional materials, the IDF allowed.

Integration of special populations

The potential you see in minority populations in Israel like the Bedouins, Druze and ultra-Orthodox causes promoting always the military mobilization. This year an increase in the number of recruits from the ultra-Orthodox sector and opened new routes and for the air force, intelligence, teleprocessing, Navy, customs in the sector
Warm and more. The recruitment figures among the Bedouins are also pointers for a significant increase (from -345 in 2005 to -492 (with the Israeli Druze conscription is conscription and the percentage among the Druze youth high Jewish counterparts amounted to about 83% versus 72% in the Jewish sector, of which 60% comes to warriors.

Moreover, immigrant recruitment projects like “kernel” pipeline continues to grow, and a total of 22% of the army are basically.

Navy wives

For the first time in the history of the IDF was raised to the rank of major general, woman and broke almost completely the glass dome. Lt. General Ganz made a few months ago, Ali love champion to head human resources-one of the largest and most important departments in the army.

Meanwhile, for the first time in two and a half years was felt again female presence in the wings.
Two squadrons and Navigator pilot course completed successfully. “I want to believe that more will be discovered and ashovinism doesn’t exist here,” said the IDF site then one of the pilots.

At the same time, continued the trend of combining religious girls to new positions opened for them at the track.
, And the girls continued to enlist the party goes well for combat units like the oketz unit Caracal, artillery, etc. Total before Soloman open 90% of the functions of the army.

New systems

Sophisticated systems that worked in the security industry for years has yielded a lot of juicy fruit, so too have the inverter on the battlefield. The two main systems are “trophy”, capable of intercepting anti-tank tank without harm, and rocket interception system for short and medium term “iron dome”. Both have far-reaching operational successes, which have managed to keep most of the missions defined for them.
“The iron dome warriors made history, said the Air Force Commander, Maj. Gen. ido nehushtan.
Now the trend is expanding use of a system, when the popularity of the units among the prospective cost.

At the same time, use approximately ר”ז operations (long arm), who” vote “the source sending to alert you about it in relevant provinces and closure with the launchers.
The South also began constructing a massive barrier with Egypt border, including innovative חמ”לים
And advanced observation systems.

More ‘ green ‘

The global trend of energy saving and protecting the environment is not marked on the IDF, and this year increased military activity whatsoever. פצ”ן, spent $ 1.3 million to make the Jordan camp ל”ירוק “, it was decided to start to train soldiers in general environmental protection, Navy invested 20 million subject to prevent water pollution from fuel tanks, 1 declared green base and more. Just decided to designate the year in billion in program “the IDF maintains environment.”

“Further assessment on this front, the environment and landscape, opening today, with
The launch of “military saves” this program will enable the army to conserve resources, preserve the energies and to continue walking for the ensuring war Act to preserve landscapes and natural treasures, “said the Chief Minister at the time, Lieutenant General Ashkenazi.

Cooperation with the countries in the world.

Numerous cross-border exercises recorded this year in the exercises of Gant
., Among other things, the Israeli air force cooperated with Hellenic air force, the Italian and u.s. air force

Japan tsunami and mud avalanche in Colombia will not leave indifferent the IDF humanitarian disaster present. In both cases, the IDF’s flown missions for the damaged areas, and accumulated experience in emergency medicine and rescue Israeli forces helped. Israel was also upset when Carmel fire extinguishing planes arrived in the area, including
From Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Russia and more.

Meanwhile, this year for the first time visited China in Israel רמטכ”ל, Chen Mingde.

Translated from Hebrew