Summarize the 5772: prevent attacks, weapons and new command

Another year passing security, and it is time to put the guns aside and remember the nine. IDF website system collected all the hot events of interest, and wish you a good year even more security

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מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

After breeding in confidence so, right in the תשע”ג challenge
Not just. Many significant events impacted the IDF this year, prevent terrorist attacks and daring operational successes, some of them unknown to the greatest release of Gilad Shalit from captivity. Changes in the strategic map of the Middle East are also given as shbmkabil bio buildup and continued refinement of chshirviot nausea.

The IDF site system wishes you a safe year, sweet and successful!

New units: as deep.

After command North, Central, South, decided this year in General for the establishment of additional command: the command. Activity of the tuchwn command to force, initiating and leading multilateral operations in the strategic zroais. At the top of the HQ is Maj. Gen. Shai Avital, subject directly to Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, Commander in Chief.

At the same time, the many changes in the southern border left the southern command.
This year it was decided that the rise in the immediate future Brigade Eilat, shbmkabil project “Hourglass” of Israel-Egypt border hedge end another year. From these trends, established this year a battalion combat a fourth collection, “with” battalion.

The home front command also significantly enlarged the number of warriors and warriors in search and rescue squads, by establishing the fourth Regiment number, “Tabor”. The first of the converted unit of Stinger Air Defense, “rear Kit is a second front.

Another problematic façade received a treatment it’s all spoken subject, enhanced with warriors party. Sailing includes a full-fledged warriors trained on in Golani, along with being a talented professional photographers to shoot and broadcast the truth.

The year opened for the first time in the history of the IDF unit in-house critic intended to streamline the conduct of IDF Brig. Gen. (Res.) Ilan Harari became the only visitor, giving a budgetary efficiency tract to the State Comptroller’s report.

New weapons: a defense by the attack.

Daunting, arm protection, and strategic warfare for the IDF and the State of Israel, described the Chief Navy submarine flotilla, which had begun the year in sub.
The new ins. Join new army submarine was considered a big, expensive and of strategic importance.

The IDF also changes not only several migratory birds, but also many rockets being thrown on the territories of Israel. The South isn’t more response received his last year with the system
Intercepting the iron dome rocket, mptachia received this month Israel Defense prize. In the aerial Defense began to increase the power reserve batteries, and continues on upgrades and systems for various areas of the country.
The second missile interception, this time on land, finished the four-Division of temata armored Corps. “Trophy”, active protection system can detect and intercept missiles against tanks, merged with the final tank army advanced, Merkava Mark 4, and led many to mptachia and Marine Corps.
The Warrior also area continues to become stronger technological and Among other things find their way to Peck the Warrior chiefs, pomegranates all departments equipped with live laser modedi Leary and trained its fighters first deployed the technological aspect and the combat tcshovi.

Practice of new scenarios: training, difficult battle.

The living can relax in pleasure and sweat of amnad forces carried out exercises this year. The most intriguing was the flag of the regiment of paratroopers, who first made it a 15-year regimental fall globally.
Additional חי”רניקים can boast their own features rather חי”רניקיות Caracal battalion: Convention, protecting the border with Egypt and includes the majority of warriors, performed for the first time in its history, regimental exercise full.

As a result of an increase in troops for kidnapping motibedit leverage of releasing Palestinian prisoners identified in the Operations Directorate, it was decided to reinforce the army at all the answer. Among other things, made dozens of exercises in all sectors especially central command, produced the campaign theme and emphases were sharpened and in case of emergency.

The dangers also need to practice. Haifa District, the new district of the home front command established following the disaster and the lessons of the second Lebanon war, the first exercise of
Emergency features. In addition, large-scale drill of sending text messages to the mobile phones of different devices and also Israeli citizens broadband.

Assisted in preparing the story: Yael Livnat, Rotem Paso, Myrtle and Daniela quench Bokor sonsino era.

What we had last year?

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