Summarize the month: the air force competed in the race

מירוץ חיל האוויר, השבוע. צילום: גיא אשש, חיל האוויר

The drones and planes evacuated their position at Tel-run groups. Thousands of officers are taking part in the race, which is one of the highlight events of the month

תאריך: 31/10/2013, 13:20    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל ואלעד לביא, אט”ל

חודש הכושר והבריאות
כושר קרבי
חיל האוויר

Flight routes in the Tel NOF airbase (8th report) made last week to run routes, and many planes evacuated their thousands of runners who came to mention health and fitness month
In the annual race. The race is held for the fifth time when the register which is open to soldiers at all levels and all the troops. Approximately 3,000 attendees, basketball apply, ordered the base wearing sportswear and ready for competition. “People voted for legs and came in droves. They got to see the culture of fitness, “said Air Force Commander in Khan, who reach the limit of the General officers, Brig. Gen. Tomer. “The two months prior to the race and prepare for 3000 people. We wanted to stay to run a good experience. “
Not for nothing is a race for Assembly of many air force soldiers. The shape is not a product of force one month because if a major culture throughout the year. “In the air force’s infrastructure including gyms and sports facilities scattered bases, Navy visit thousands of soldiers every day. So the race is our holiday, “the officer told the soldiers training, Lieutenant Colonel Zvi Peleg. “He integrated air force and is a special event held every year in the health and fitness of regular runners. running in urban space, are running in the background and views, and that this is a very experienced race.”
The race was divided into several shtachrot, assign to a mass group צה”לית won the eight soldiers, mostly athletes, also picked up the first of many amcatim. In a mass group allocates air force were hosts at Tel NOF Base Commander stated, won himself a competitive Roth.
Among the graduates was seen in race ten blind runners, and, in the film, ten lenders that together with them. The first year it took part in the event. “it established Brig. Gen. (Ret.) timilehin Commander palmahim, located adjacent to guide dog Center in Israel, which the group belongs. “The race was
Very good one, “said the Center’s ceo, Noah Brown. “We hope to create a tradition and continue cooperation”.

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He air force racing from peak which summarize the month,
That ends this week. It was attended by soldiers and commanders of the army units in a variety of lectures and activities. The purpose of the activities was to raise awareness and inculcate a healthy lifestyle, which includes balancing exercise and proper diet, with an emphasis on improving the physical qualifications of permanent personnel. The activities were led by the Center for health services and jointly combat fitness Department and Chief Logistics Officer.

The month of the year gets marked “-controls the ways of life”,
And his opening shot “IDF officers Championship”, which was held at the WinGate Institute, headed by Chief General Benny Gantz. Then, the length of the month, health promotion activities: jogging and training activities units were participating in the project; Healthy food trend in the IDF has, through the kitchen and managers Conference competition.
Healthy cooking; “Valour” focused on women and the wives of the IDF; Throughout the month, held workshops for smoking cessation and weight loss workshops nationwide. “Lightning” index, a numerical score that reflects the person’s health, launched for the first time during the month.

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