Summer recruitment continues: them for paratroopers

צנחנים בתרגיל חטיבתי מוצנח. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

What soldiers? Every recruit, one of the warriors that what will list about the track being the only one. Today: citrus icon salkind of paratroopers reminding recruits to do everything with a smile.

תאריך: 25/07/2013, 08:21    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי אוגוסט 2013

Before the paratroopers recruits about months. They
Going out of the House and for complex training, where they deal with physical difficulties and
The mental challenges involved in a revolution in warriors high school students on their way to
The Red beret and the Division entered the history of Israel, will accompany some three rookies in the Regiment, Sergeant Hadar salkind.

“I went to the מ”כים course that interests me to do before I go training for the battalion, soldiers receive, guide them and help them, “he explains to the IDF website.” I want to bring them to a professional level and physical fitness required. They get to a situation where at the end of boot camp they left troops disciplined and responsible, with a lot of know-how and knowledge for the tasks that will face them, “said Sergeant salkind.

The eyes of the salkind from his boot camp, where he sees today figure and role model. He, went after him the command. “There are many soldiers who had difficult with CBS, but he did not give up on any of them,” he recalled. “He took them away and they made personal calls to not give up on the job, and today they’re all fighters,” he says, and adds that “I want to be like him,
I took from him a lot. “

Summer recruitment continues: them for paratroopers

Despite difficulties and challenges, salkind remembered the icon his positive experience, basic training and experience is the main advice he wants to give to recruits. “The most important thing is to keep a positive attitude, and do everything with a smile,” salkind icon layout. “Even if you fail at something, even if at the moment you feel like you can do anything but you have so you might as well do it with a smile,” he says, friendly, and emphasized that “everything goes at the end, and everything in advance.
If you want to go through that-you will succeed. “

At a time when recruiting combat brigade not caught of course.
., Accentuates the importance and salkind icon does the IDF fighter role, and in particular
In the paratroopers brigade. “Paratroopers brigade’s only lives doing consolidation, so I guess that means something,” he reminds. “We have a lot of people in combat, to fight and protect the country. I want to develop in my country, love knew where they were and what they were fighting for. “

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