Summit meeting: Givati fighters practiced fighting with Marines troops

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In that test various warfare techniques in structured, learn the Givati Brigade fighters, originally destined to be the corresponding ל’מארינס marine force, operational experience in Afghanistan and Iraq

תאריך: 14/08/2013, 15:17    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל


The u.s. Marines, although ה”מארינס, experts in marine infantry fighting and landing from the sea, but last week they learned that” Purple water “tale, dash along with the Givati Brigade. The training focused on combat in built-up area in describing and held for two days in urban warfare Training Center (Al)-scaled urban facility in targeted.

“Training occupation practiced all kinds of buildings depict-most-great places to villages, detentions and practice urban warfare
Terrorism, “said the IDF Givati Commander Cruiser site, Maj. nadav danino. “We have extensive operational experience from fighting in Gaza, and the Marines fighting in Afghanistan experience there and in Iraq.
Everyone has his operation and that is a good opportunity to learn from each other.

Summit meeting: Givati fighters practiced fighting with Marines troops

The differences between units helped each side to improve and learn. “We are again very made us strong,” said Maj. danino. “Normally in training our forces are also used as a metaphor, in that each party served as the enemy of the other, and so we also saw various defense tactics of those who mshmot us Those things have meaning operationally. “

The first day of the exercise focused on the views and debates on the activities of all the various power and the second day was held.
This was the first time that the Marine Corps fighters, left, according to Maj. danino
There was a lot of enthusiasm. “They really admire the fact that it simulates all types of outlines and looks just like the city,” explained Chief Cruiser

Exchange impressions and combat methods

It appears that created a connection between the units, both on a personal level and on
The professional. “At the end of practice and professional summary had a conversation with one of the commanders.
We were very professional and very high insights. It was a conversation we both learned a lot from her, “recalled Maj. danino. “The exercise was very successful in the operational aspect. It’s a big honor to work with these units. It’s an experience to see other fighters and to learn from them, “he concluded.

As mentioned above, the establishment of Givati mission was to be a sort of equivalent to Division American Marines infantry fighters – specializing in breaking from the sea with landing craft, which will be responsible for tasks. This mission
Although cancelled with the early 1990s, but during the meeting between the forces, and topic
Remembered anecdote.

Summit meeting: Givati fighters practiced fighting with Marines troops

These days conducts employment operational patrol in Judea and Samaria. “Judea and Samaria area is very different from sector Gaza,” explained Maj. danino. “We need to be very high qualification, so we practice a lot. It’s interesting and adrenaline employment
Is high. “

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