Sun, Mon, Tue’s big camel

צילום: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Until today it is customary to think that the IDF is the biggest melting pot in this country, but
Who’s behind the block Israeli blessing? The military role that promises to cost the soft landing in society

תאריך: 30/09/2012, 11:10    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Every year hundreds of immigrants come to Israel to serve in the army and serve the country. Some Hebrew-speaking homes increased, some attended school or youth
Jewish-Zionist; But not all. There are soldiers who come into the military without knowing the language and encounter difficulty when absorption. Exactly for this in-school military NCO.

“Our job is to help new immigrants integrate and lead them to citizenship.
Better, explains the rise of technical school, air force corporal Michal Rotem. “We do this by learning Hebrew and integration assistance. Apart from the challenge, there are many controls that don’t know the culture her arrive, and therefore do not understand where the behavior and customs stems that are not reasonable. Suppose, the white Caucasian culture doesn’t. The Commander didn’t know that would require them to clean and problematic situation arises. This is where the sun-rise my job is explaining to Commander, to help him understand what’s behind it.
And suggest possible solutions “, says cpl. Rotem.

Here ends the work of that. The main role is to be a sort of that Hebrew. Every time, the variable only unit, the right school to some. For three weeks they learn Hebrew at the appropriate level,
And rise to the next level. In the remaining time, they convey lessons to the school’s only one-on-one.

“I had more than once risen from soldier level b to c, the highest sharama is Hashem.
It provides reviews that took part in their ability to integrate into the army and civilian life. Here’s how to make them feel a part of, “cpl. Rotem, describes as” intermittent come in order to stay in the country after the service, that the role of each one of us, to make him feel belong. And I do that through the Hebrew – the most basic there is. “

Although the rising sun try to talk in Hebrew only, if there is no clear Word, try to explain it a synonym in Hebrew or image. “It takes time, all
And his pace. Therefore it is important to invest in them for a long time and it is important to be patient. Also no matter of age or rank. I had school, and resistors with Bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well. They know they need the Hebrew did not care how old I am or what my rank, “adds cpl. Rotem.

“It’s a role that allows you to take responsibility for the company in Israel. It’s our job as a society: to combine them, “she emphasized,” as many immigrants to enlist, this is the first time they meet the company in Israel. And when investors see that, it certainly helps.

Translated from Hebrew