“Super” Simulator for the new air force went into action

הדגמת הסימולטור החדש. צילום:חיל-האוויר

Flight Simulator “coach” allows the practice complex scenarios in the form rielstic ever: “the technology that simulate operational activities one by one.”

תאריך: 10/09/2013, 10:34    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

חיל האוויר

The new Simulator of aerial force, “linked” coach, that simulates exactly ever operational flight came in last week. The coach, which will save costs and flight security risks, similar to training for the first time several pilots.

Super Simulator was unveiled last week at the hatzerim air force base. He used his fighters, “the end” ו”ברק”. Simulates, flagship project of blue force regarding training, developed by Elbit Systems and operational flight actually illustrates how real that was possible until today, allowing pilots and steer battle possible to increase the training and operational competence. “This is the technology in,” said a senior officer in the air force who educate the coach.

“Super” Simulator for the new air force went into action

The Simulator capabilities has been featured in a number of senior foreign armies. “Coach simulates operational activities. Even senior officers in Western armies still advanced Simulator capabilities “, said the officer when one visits.

Flight Simulator looks like.

Whenever the simulates an artist simultaneously eight pilots, steisim
More promotions Director. What was revealed to them on the screen is the view of the fuselage, according to practice it.  “If this mission is the enemy, this is the view to see the pilots,” the senior official, who stressed that one of the main advantages is being allows pilots to practice together.

Renewal of the coach is fully operational scenarios incarnation. If previous pilot simulators would receive ampaila notice that he has a problem with the wing, the linked “ב”מאמן pilot will technical problems resulting from the scenario that if he practices his hitting anti-aircraft missile, he would have to deal realistically with the Director on board and on the operational scenario.

In addition to extracting effective flight hours for pilots, the Simulator saves money spent on training sorties. Combat pilots, who must perform every day domestic flights in the country in order to maintain competence, expensive flight hours for air force and it will move. Another factor is of course the risk inherent in each training flight, which saved the training simulates.

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