Superman reserve order.

“These guys in the army reserves, are truly ה”סופרמן. For them there’s no place is too far. ” Makhoul “Harel” article for Yom Yerushalayim

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מחבר: אל”ם איציק רונן, מח”ט “הראל”

As a kid, Superman was a hero. Ran to the cinema to see the innocent journalist, when trouble donning Cape, boots on himself to save the world. We bought tickets to the cinema to see it, but the truth is that each of us was so at home – what was termed father.

Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion concluded with the State, essentially-Israel Defense Forces ioshett on a reserve army, for two reasons: one, the force
In the army, as derived from the threats around the country, and the second based on civilians, claimed in working to institutionalize and strengthen the economy. Today, 64 years after these resolutions, no consideration seems to have changed on the understanding that a strong army is to guarantee Israel’s security comes to us again after the last decade, which was lined with security challenges, and social needs in the country still have that essence of the IDF will not be compulsory and, due to the costs involved.

Throughout the State has security Israel reserves were full partners, a factor. They were there, always at the forefront, and quite a few cases.
Also led the victory.

The most dramatic event that burned in the Israeli consciousness is undoubtedly the Yom Kippur war – there was a reserve divisions led to the decision, present opening condition
More difficult with the regular army had to cope. When considering in depth what the ל”הפיכת Bowl upside down” in the war, two prominent reserve – first designed in command Gen. Moses (Musa) Feld, who initiated the counterattack to the Golan Heights and urged the Syrians back across the border, and the southern front reserve Division in command Gen. Ariel (Arik) Sharon, who led the operation crossing the Suez Canal, and encircled and convinced the Egyptian forces in the Sinai.

Like today, we preserve the “supermen”, reserve personnel, chshzerich they wear fatigues, and stand at the forefront to defend the country. The hero of this story, is one of them, not just one, but a special one-battalion commander (c).

Solomon is senior business, married with three children, living in the General area. At the beginning of last year, enlisted and his subordinates for a few days to refresh your operational plan, and explore the areas of recruitment and organization.
This meeting decided that he was not satisfied with the qualification of the officers in the unit, and is set in a month they will practice for a few days to improve this skill –
And so it was. A month later, and for three days, “dozens” of commanders plowed his battalion of the slopes of Mount Carmel, and Ramot Menashe and searched for coordinates. In a way they haven’t avoided the encounter battle heritage and learning the lessons of the previous generation, which fought the six-day period.

A month and a half after that workout, and shortly after the Passover holiday, a whole battalion recruiter for a month for operational missions in the South of the country. And a few hundred troops in the sector, reported that many would call it “right at the end of the world”, where they spent the summer in June. During lag baomer and Shavuot, are on the border.

Also the events to the array are “missed”. Solomon’s only stabilized.
According to what defined her, except for the amount of people that you can count them on one hand, who chose to stay home. Solomon is not spared a handful of it-although a negligible minority he spotted them, and treated them the way disciplinary. That is why the army hasn’t even after graduation.
Reserve duty to treat a handful of disciplinary Polos.

Four months later, for the holiday of Chanukah, enlisted Solomon’s commanders to participate in grow. Three days ago I met a complete exercise that was supposed to join
Even other Wikipedia. When I asked him about the introduction of reporting, he said:
“I don’t work according to an order came to watch and to prepare for the exercise. The Hanukkah holiday week spent as stipulated under his command and tze’elim bail, light candles and eat doughnuts.
At the end of the exercise, which ended this year.

Summarizing simply, can realize over two months cumulative completion contributed to the country’s security from this year, including weekends and holidays. Solomon also has a reserve behind each trailing a trail of hundreds of soldiers and commanders, and they all exist along
This year in similar activity.

Why not plan to be a healthy reserve before he was by my side in 7th armored brigade in the service of, was released after commanded armor officers course, and turned to the reserves when I moved in. Up the road he became platoon and plans “surf” towards 40 towards an exemption from service. Shortly after the second Lebanon war received
Command of the reserve Brigade, the name server realized that his face not to channel promotion
Command With this in mind I was a talented Commander, Solomon was asked by to weigh out
Legion commanders course, and accept responsibility for a reserve battalion. Solomon asked: “do you think there’s a chance you take us in the next war?” – after almost two hours of monologue I managed to convince him otherwise, he wasn’t neighbor joining. Shortly after he left the course of two months, to go through the required training.

Looking for company commanders, his command of Solomon, the puzzle of our company – one of the two, Binyamina, of Netivot, IV region. And two reserve officers there, one serves as Deputy Commander of the headquarters company,
And the second link officer Secular, religious, urban, oshbnickim and what not – you can’t say there’s anything definite about who is just one big salad was termed, peppered well commitment, seriousness, professionalism and perseverance.
What motivates you and colleagues to act? Surely we can say that these are not seeking retribution or adventure.
They simply see this future, and “generations” are today’s “ה”סופרמן – there’s no one else, and drive accordingly — even Superman is not waiting for the order.

For Solomon, Amnon, June, Yossi, Abner, and Lior won control in recent years, remarkable people who require to lead hundreds of reserve soldiers in the future –
They are the leaders.

When I asked them if they feel they are suckers, chuckled and said – “, leave
You let us practice, and Deir-Malek not enlisted us in the next war. “

These guys are really “ה”סופרמן, which has no place is too far.

Translated from Hebrew