Suspected infiltration attempt was foiled in Israel-Egypt border.

The suspects refused to troops, who opened fire towards Peleg
The lower body. In an exchange of fire between the two sides, one suspect was killed. No casualties

תאריך: 28/02/2012, 08:56    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

During routine activities of the IDF force tonight (Tuesday) at Israel border
Egypt, identified a number of suspects who had infiltrated across the border. The suspects are missed for the power to stop them, firing at lower body.

The suspects opened fire at our troops, the force returned fire and identified hitting one. The suspects returned to Egypt with the exception of the injured area that remains in the country. With the arrival of medical forces to the scene, the death of the man who remained in Israel territory.

The IDF operations in the area reinforce the western border to increase light penetration attempts to Israel territory.
The event
The space was discovered a bag with powerful explosives last week. Last Thursday foiled another attack IDF Israel-Egypt border, close to Highway 12. During a routine patrol of the IDF force designed to prevent smuggling, Egyptian border troops of smugglers who managed to escape arrest and attempt to return to the field.
In combing the soldiers instead discovered a bag with an explosive grow. The detonated and deactivated remotely.

This is the second attempt to carry out an attack in the area last Tuesday recognized shbium the IDF force moves which threw a suspicious bag in the area. A search that took place during the morning it turned out that the bag contained explosive, powerful charge. The detonated in a controlled manner.
The phenomenon of smuggling and entering Israel territory with the western border being exploited by terrorist organizations and for intrusion attacks against citizens of the State of Israel and IDF forces, the IDF will continue to operate against anyone that is threatening the security of the State of Israel and its people.

Translated from Hebrew