Suspicious surveillance procedure

The ttzpithnit of חטמ”ר conducted a special exercise Ephraim General observations from the field about the village and arrest at the base as real warriors. Purpose: to recognize the
The role of the task force they go

תאריך: 09/11/2012, 15:59    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The importance of the role of the IDF .. no need to expand on the number of times that prevented ttzpithnit destructive events speaks for itself. .. Role, which includes shifts in the situation room in “hot sectors and constant surveillance for any shift in position, radar is not easy and requires many skills. But there are those who takes the role one step further: the observations of the company collecting “Bud” hatm Ephraim, first held in observation and practice of taking over the House, in order to recognize the role of numbered ATEN asteroids the power that they’ve earned, feeling activity on the inducer work necessary.

“This is a very unique event,” said ttzpithnit company headquarters at hatm Ephraim Capt. adewoyin, “usually at this point in the build required to deliver lessons and lectures, and here let them really feel, nothing new happens at חמ”ל.
The projects are intended to reflect what the troops are feeling and experiencing, and as part of the intensive exercises in two weeks with sports days and crawl.
“We gave the women a taste of how the forces of fighters that they themselves feel chooinot in operational activity,” she explained.

As part of the preparation for the celebration of the ttzpithnit command post, after eight months in Office, the two special projects designed to train, challenge and develop the soldiering.
The first, זט”ר (long-range identification-Yun), including power declines and identify with binoculars. The women left the one-way war, they always ttzpthot about the way cameras and took about ten kilometers from the base to observe closely. Order
I feel like the last fighters of this type of activity operations regularly, ttzpithnit arrived in military vehicles.

The second project that is conducted in a image hatm Places of work ttzpithnit task saturation arrests, their role is to observe, direct detection power, scanning around and report any second about the developments.
Therefore, it is required to exercise such detention. After they have learned how to manage and
The company received, soldiering a model of one of the rooms at the base, exercising operational movement just like the Warrior, and the cheesemaker Hamel, and entered the House.

Responses were accordingly numbered ATEN asteroids. Ttzpithnit said “I didn’t realize how difficult the work of warriors, and how terrifying to observe up close or into the village,” noted Captain Cohen, “adding that” the two events seen in a nutshell how important the work ttzpithnit. As shttzpitanit advises and protects each task, the Warrior is aware of how much she needed and how significant her position to work. Major Cohen, grew at the situation, said Ephraim collection “in my experience, I realized that it is very important to execute projects of this kind, they give to Greece substitute an understanding of its meaning.
When the situation is isolated and when she goes to the field she knows it so works better, which enhances the motivation and allows to run and command positions below.

Translated from Hebrew