Tabor’s Regiment the HFC sector in Judea.


Combat battalion contributed to the reduction of hostile terrorist activities and illegal infiltration. From John Tabor: “work hard day and night patrols and activities initiated ambushes.”

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מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

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חילוץ והצלה

Tabor, battalion Regiment in Napa the HFC’s Operations Division, established less than a year ago and has already managed to win the title of best outright Division title was awarded to the regiment of operational successes hatm Benjamin led to a drastic reduction in the quantity of stones, incendiary bottles and define cuts.

During months of operational employment of the battalion, which began in April, have managed to lower the amount of injections at 15 civilians during its heyday, single case last week. “Entrepreneurial activity of the Regiment, which patrols and ambushes, led to a significant reduction in the amount of stones and incendiary bottles”, from John Smith, Lieutenant Colonel Dror Shaul. “We were able to identify shots Cathedral (Molotov-d. f.)
Before they resume and thwart them, some time we the throw and another part. Every arrest that leads to significant and quiet for a few weeks, “elaborated.

Another challenge faced the Regiment is maintaining the integrity of the system and prevents the penetration
In (stay in) Israel territory. “Last month we made two arrests of
The boys cut the fence, “said Lt. Col. Shaul. The first observation force identified a Palestinian resident of the village of cutting the fence and ran home. The strength of the regiment stopped him.
A week and a half later there were no holes in the fence. “But then they cut the fence another two or three times and we need to act,” said Majid.

Tabor’s Regiment the HFC sector in Judea.

As a result, stationed in the area of the ambush. “We got the power-assisted three youths trying to cut the fence. Since then, a month and a half, there was no such event. This is something I do on purpose to vandalize, any injury that cost us thousands of dollars, “said Lt. Col. Shaul. According to him, the majority prefer to try to enter Israel through a turn, and through holes in the fence. “This barrier usually has less פח”ע transfer attempts (hostile terrorist activity. 4 f) and more than that, “noted.

The operational success attributes from John Tabor to the battalion participation and hard work. “This is new, young, who makes the first operational employment Bayou,” noted. “We finally achieved its commanders and soldiers who worked hard day and night, 24 hours a day,” concluded.

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