Talk and think logistics around the world

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International course kept officers from around the world in tackling logistics challenges in the field, and in emergencies. Deputy Commander: “created enormous cooperation”

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מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

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Logistics command Academy in logistics trades training (6) gathered about 30 senior officers from foreign armies and naval logistics officers in the IDF, this international business class leg on the logistics of the various armies. During
The course required the officers to think outside the box and provide creative solutions to operational requirements were in logistics and delivery.

In addition, the brainstorm that taught them that despite the differences between them, the army and the size of the countries from which they came-position one common goal – to get your logistics, armaments and medicine quickly and safely to the warring forces.

Great minds do the course “international logistics”, which took place for the 9th year in leading logistics Corps in the IDF in the course of three weeks, with officers of major hosts until the General foreign officers accompany officers with the rank of major of the logistics Corps, ordnance, adjutant and medicine.

To learn about the concept of logistics in Israel and abroad, as they explored the behavior of troops from the battalion level
Until the strike level “each country perceives different logistics,” explained Deputy Commander, Maj. Oren Shavit. “Some countries are dealing with challenges like managing huge army or movement in the occupied territories. They come to our country and learn about different challenges than they know, and country properties-small but satisfying military everything we own, “he added.

Israeli logistics officers were selected after strict sorts, which examined on their knowledge of logistics.
Unlike other logistics courses taught in the course is delivered entirely in a language
The English, “said the Commander, Maj. Motti Mizrachi. Officers were selected to attend the course
Came out of her arms and regional commanders in the IDF, including the intelligence, air force and Navy. “Unlike previous years, this year we preferred that most officers course participants arrive.
From the field, as they share their knowledge and understanding of running the logistics in the field of personal experience, “explained the captain.

The officers practiced logistical operational conduct in simulated sector.

During the course the participants lectures by senior IDF officers led by the Chief Logistics Officer, Brig. Gen. Jamal Ghanem. The lectures were on
And in a way which integrates logistics in Israel, during which course participants learned about running all the supporters “write-off” fight emergency Coordinator – ordnance,
An entity, the military police and the military Rabbinate.

He later takes the entire officer
To move lesson, and to lecture on the topic of logistics sector in which he specializes.
“I learned about other ways to design the behavior of the power which I was responsible,” shared delivery of officer artillery brigade “Golan Heights” designed, Maj. Salah telya, escorted the foreign representatives. In his lecture he explained to participants on operational challenges he encountered them in the Golan Heights, and acknowledged that there was no enthusiasm to the crowd. “They are very interested in the complexity of the various sectors in the country, and in logistics management is so narrow, said
The supply officer.

During the hands-on course conducted. One of the tasks was logistic management accordingly to make a fictional figure. On dunes and non-existent borders made-up think foreign officers and the Israelis together the logistics force operations, with a hostile attack. “Each group worked according to the mthodica of its army,” explained Maj. Shavit, Deputy Commander. “During the exercise, they understand the challenges, Beth arena several dozen kilometers. Foreign officers learn how to manage logistics, outlays and Israeli officers to learn how things work out, “added and concluded that” ultimately the collaboration generated here is awesome, I will continue fighting forces and logistic.

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