Talking to: new rights hotline launched to the reserve soldiers

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Focus meets in welfare, rights and obligations of the reserve system. * Number 6535. רמ”ד and a:” working to raise awareness among the people. “

תאריך: 02/09/2013, 10:33    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל


For the first time – to call center of the servers was launched for the reserves last week. Focus meets space in welfare, rights and obligations, as well as centralize inquiries about coordinating committees for reserve service (Tel.)
The committees are used today employ a salaried employees, self-employed or students and the power to make decisions on reserve service shortcut, delaying or splitting marine reserves. “This is a Committee operating outside units, turning students and farm officials to get the reserve matches,” explained רמ”ד and manpower planning in industry (עתכ”א), reserve Maj. Limor lisiano.

The call was in the past, but began his career as a focal point for coordinating committees dealing with reserve services only.
“Over time, added more domains section, and most everyone involved in the welfare of the person,
The rights and benefits that come to him, “noted major in lisiano.

Among the topics that can get them answered the call the subject of rewards – to reserve personnel for 10 days of reserves. “When you have to
The questions about this subject, or if someone didn’t get the rewards for a reason or another – they can contact us and we will help them to reward, to those entitled, “stresses רמ”ד and a:

Another area where the focus is providing information to active reserve for refugees from the servants. This was termed the operation 20 days of reserves
Over three years the right to perform on-site orders “in salute,” featuring a wide range of discounts for and entitled to discounts across the Ministry of transport and Ministry of the Interior. “In the event of faults or inquire – we do it for the guy and give him the answer. If necessary we also the inquiries against government offices, major specified in lisiano.

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It also controls serving in the reserves as a company commander and above are eligible to join a “consumerism. Clarification of eligibility will be made also in front of the call center, which helps them to join the Club and relevant forms.

The upgraded focus occurred last week, and are working on reserve atch bringing knowledge from an array. “People are not always aware of all the rights and benefits they deserve, and therefore it is important to recognize everything, רמ”ד and a: document therefore comes to talk to the officers distributed link, as well as for public enquiries officer (קפ”צית) that you can refer to inquiries about the call.

The call for reserve soldiers will be available on the phone * 6535


Translated from Hebrew