Technological and Logistics Directorate held the activity the IDF volunteers

ראש אט”ל בטקס מתנדבי השר-אל. צילום: אט”ל

More than 10,000 volunteers from 35 countries are coming into the country each year as part of a plan to “Minister”. אט”ל head:” together we will continue to prepare the IDF for war. “

תאריך: 08/08/2013, 14:18    
מחבר: רוני צידון, אט”ל

Every soldier’s dream is to wake up in the morning and find itself overlooks the Peruvian spaces at the height of the great trip in South America. If the language you make him turn gaze is Hebrew, it would encourage Israeli “hostel” in Jaffa he needs to try to identify the Hebrew between 20 languages used typefaces.
The hostel is open to foreign volunteers who come to the country to volunteer in the IDF during ‘ Minister “content, which is designed to encourage voluntary activity.
About hostel prefects namn is Ray tiiken, Dutch Habib began as a volunteer Minister “to” eight years ago, and became a part of the hostel three years ago. “I remember a time where we have volunteers from 21 different countries,” said tiiken. “They spoke with each other without realizing. When the chorus begins, of languages, “he added.

Technological and Logistics Directorate held the activity the IDF volunteers

Volunteer Minister, at the ceremony. Photo: IDF

Tiiken arrived last week in the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, surrounded by her versatility is standard. “Don’t Minister volunteers from 35 different countries, seniors, bereaved families and IDF sat around him. The common denominator: all part of the IDF’s branch for the first time since the 2009 Gala Conference held to honor the array, more than 10,000 volunteers each year.
The Conference was held at mark 40 years of the Yom Kippur war, which led to the formation of skin cream. The Conference was held by the top technological and Logistics Directorate, Gen. Kobi Barak and the Chief Logistics Officer, Brig. Gen. Jamal Ghanem. “By tndbotchm you indicate that spirit of giving Israel stable,” said Chief Logistics Officer. “You strengthen the logistic” techno-emphasized קל”ר.
Head אט”ל in his speech referred to the meaning of volunteerism within the State of Israel. “You have a major part in the Zionist endeavor, specify
Before the volunteers and pledged that “the IDF will continue to prepare for war, although hopefully not reach”.

Translated from Hebrew