Technological efficiency: naval ships are universal monitor

אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Solid monitor “project is expected to save the Navy 1.5 million a year, thanks to the use of more economical than monitor embedded in all craft

תאריך: 28/01/2013, 18:12    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

One monitor, savings of millions: solid monitor project “Navy” is expected to go into use universal monitor, which will replace approximately 90% of monitors used today on סטי”לים and will lead to savings of 1.5 million dollars a year.
During the project, which was awarded the אט”ל Prize in 2012, will be used in the various systems installed on the sets. In the future, expect to use to monitor additional units in the IDF today is show during a pilot which will end in about a month.

Defense systems and control panel which developed סטי”לים installed by industry of Azerbaijan, and must meet stringent standards of the Navy – compliance with conditions of rough terrain, shaking, shaking, and the ability to continue working if the boat injured. “Until today, we apply acquired was coming along with the flat-panel industry, which developed the system chosen for her,” explained Capt. project officer Ozzie kirshboim, who was responsible for the project “unified” monitor. “Any system that costs around
$ 10,000, each system has its own display type, then you need to buy for this system 10-20 monitors and spare parts.

The project “unified” display, which is streamlining systems and financial savings, entrepreneur and his team captain kirshboim גל”א (disclosure opterveni) branch. “We researched all the systems and the protection used in Navy and built a list of demands regarding the tension, resolution, brightness and contrast of the monitors,” said Captain kirshboim. He said that at the end of the process, the winning bidder with strict standards, but its cost is between fifth quarter of the cost of the monitors we used previously, depending on how many monitors are available
Once “.

Beyond the bcanit monitor equipments cheaper and larger amounts, use a solid monitor
All systems also allows savings in terms of maintenance displays: If the maintenance of the monitors is done by an external company, when the uniform will be used will be more affordable to purchase spare parts and to train personnel to maintain the dock displays.
See also helps form eligibility of conservation. “If סטי”ל leaves dishes and one on gas monitors will no longer be necessary to bring the boat to shore or to send spare parts, “explained Captain kirshboim. “You can give up on a system that is less critical to her a specific task and replace faulty monitor.

These days is show on probation, shatzgim were installed in one of asti in October 2012 and is sail away for a few months with a solid display to test the resistance of sea condition monitor

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