Due to the Memorial Day and independence day block will apply. Before the mlaimmshtert movement in Israel finished the event rule security preparedness and West to go Memorial Day independence day holiday will start around Tel Aviv District thousands of cops, fighters and volunteers for events and ceremonies and public security official and a stage entertainment, beaches and recreational areas in order to allow the public to participate in the ceremonies and celebration.

Guidelines for Memorial Day

Israel Police calls to the public, vigilant and help contribute greatly to the police, and not to hesitate to call the police through 911 100, anyway it will raise suspicion towards people, vehicles or suspicious objects, so these are handled quickly and professionally by police.
Israel police standing at and call you to call 911 to report 100 each way. The public is requested to follow the instructions of the policemen are deployed in enhanced powers to keep them safe. Police are asking for the public’s alertness and cooperation essential.
In no event will be hawking areas. Not allowed in animal (except guidance dogs), bicycles and bicycles · Parents travelling with wonderful possibilities should be vigilant and keep an eye on their children. Following the events block several roads. Officers direct traffic and help the general public. The public is asked to be patient against the imposition of limitations are made solely of considerations of public safety and public order.
During the day and Remembrance Sunday will be enforceable against an unreasonable noise arise in law. P.m. Memorial Day and Memorial Day, law enforcement police Yom hazikaron Israel (תשכ”ג 1963) forbidding schools from opening delights. Against the law will be.

“Singing in the square” at Rabin square in Tel Aviv
From 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. will sing “event Plaza in Rabin square in Tel Aviv during the events of Yom hazikaron Israel. From 6:30 pm will be blocked to traffic the following streets:
Gabirol in both directions between King Shaul Arlosoroff.
King David is up to Ibn Gabirol witzman.
Masaryk square Frishman to Ibn Gabirol.
Ben Gurion to supplement the King Solomon ibn Gabirol.
Bloch of Ibn gvirol and arlozorov until.
Gordon completed the King to go Israel.
Kings of Israel in both directions from Ben Gurion to Sderot.  

In cities from 18:00 to 22:30 will be closed to vehicles the following streets:
Holon-Weizman St., between the tower and Stockade-hoofien organization. The Histadrut Street between Schenker Leon Blum.
Ramat Gan-Memorial Day (Tuesday), from 6 pm to 11 pm block the following streets: Bialik Street. Main street the Street adjacent to Rambam square.
Yehud-Alpert in the section between Weizman and Sirkin.
Kiryat Ono-and sokolow extravaganza Street length. President Street between Ben Yehuda Street to street.
Ganei Tikva-Kishon. Zevulun Valley Street.

Memorial Day events
On Wednesday, 11 may 2016, from 10:30 to 12:30 p.m. Memorial Day ceremony will be held at the military cemetery at Kiryat Shaul. Getting there and parking arrangements:
Dan and Israel were to train the public airport shuttle and arlozorov station up to the cemetery and were available to the public airport shuttle at the end of the event, from the entrance to the cemetery, train stations and the University.
The following vehicles were parking on the perimeter and cemetery to the public prosecution authority maintains transportation as noted to the entrance to the cemetery. In the event blocked the streets leading to the following axes:
Starting from 05.00 doesn’t lead to behaviors along Moshe Sneh, in both directions, between Ephraim (the elephant), to the village.
From 09:00 permitted entry into the main parking lot at Kiryat Shaul cemetery. 
Automobile parking garages will be nearby.
Starting at 10 a.m., Sokolov Street in Riyadh will be closed intermittently for movement to the South of the village green mhalch depending on traffic congestion. To not allow traffic light towards Kiryat Shaul cemetery and Moshe Sneh Street in Tel Aviv.
For people who wish to Tel Aviv North has to travel through the bìshǔ 5, Parkway South – the JNF.
The ups to hakfar hayarok interchange from Interstate 5 to the West and East will not allow movement towards the village.

Translated from Hebrew