Tens of thousands of students marched “warriors.”

צילום: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

45 thousand 12th graders took part in the project this year. Aim of project: to encourage fundraising and raising awareness among the youth for IDF’s battle heritage

תאריך: 30/10/2012, 13:56    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Tens of thousands of students of 12th grade throughout the country participated this year with “project” where warriors met the IDF combat units,
Of their fight-and a bit of the unit ahovi.

“Following the Warriors held the eighth year on the Golan Heights, hosted this year.
45 thousand students in total. On the day of the project, which was organized this year by “designed”: the Golan students also in combat ammunition attended the Golani troops, armor, artillery and engineering. Peak day attended 21 different combat units article and Amal heritage students.

“The essence of the project is to encourage recruitment of combat units. This is one of the most influential days for decision and choice, “said IDF Deputy Commander site” designed, “Lt. Col. Erez Golan Bergman, who was responsible for the incident. With the demand to get done by the schools, which seek to bring students from which populations lower recruitment rate.

“Contact with schools which have population more problematic, and it is for something that directs them to the right direction. During the day, chatting with students, for some
This is the first time they visit and certainly with the heritage stories
It is the first military experience, “added Lieutenant Colonel Bergman.

For the purpose of promoting recruitment many commanders were past, present, and ordinary soldiers. Like
Each year the fighters came across the battle areas in the Golan Heights as a Vale of tears, Tel faher
And, to tell the students born years after the save of time.
By the history books.

Translated from Hebrew