Tens of thousands participated in exercise “combination 2” arms.

Weekend value between IDF drill arm to concentrate on large-scale cut command.
The North • exercise, the largest in recent years, participated all IDF arms
Including air wing, and intelligence, as well as the staff at regular and reserve army • “we found here to interface the results whether the things fit together finally into action on the ground,” he said in his Gen. Gershon Hacohen, who headed the exercise Director

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מחבר: בר בן-ארי וענבל נוי

Over tens of thousands of participants took part in exercise “combination 2” arms, including many reservists who have shown once again the importance and the many contributions to the IDF, in part because Rabbi experience reflected in exercise.

The head Director of the drill was commander of the military college, Maj. Gen. Gershon Hacohen, who examined
Decision-making and command post at forms various battle scenarios and bringing to the fore the cooperation between arm and moves of fire and maneuver space. Yet during the lessons of the second Lebanon war and as part of the work programme
Annual IDF Rabbi according to general application process to take the war seems in the command post, “the overall system that can bring a program to perform at a high level, and create confidence among the public.

“Like flying exercises on other mobile in the past, the exercise involved in experimental examination in the field,” added Maj. Gen. Gershon Hacohen. “We found here to test interface
The result whether the things fit together finally into action on the ground. “

The Prime Minister, Mr. Ehud Olmert, visited during the exercise and activity overviews from the Chief and other senior officers. Mr. Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, took part in exercise and explore the area accompanied by Deputy Chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Dan Harel. Chief of general staff, General Gabi Ashkenazi, stood near the, sailed on Navy missile ship, flying a helicopter and visited the land forces during the exercise. Also, the State system trgilit in-command post called “the pit” at the Kirya, Tel Aviv.

Considerable emphasis has been placed on the safety area and prevents damage to the environment and nature, and examined aspects related to coordination with local authorities and emergency iarchotam. “Integrating arms exercise two successfully achieved its aims, according to its original design, and a base full of questioning and the lessons of building.” this training and rotini must meet Army training routine. As part of the training field have
Laboratory. Now you have to take the data and think of them, “added Maj. Gen. Gershon Hacohen.

Solomon medicine

In combination with exercise integrating arms “about medical corps two exercises of the past year. During exercise “Center of gravity” practicing medicine unit, and provided field in absorbing hundreds of casualties, in the treatment and evacuation of vehicles aisck point-to-point and hospitals throughout the country.

Among the units that trained two battalions had CPR’s front northern command army medical unit, the 101st Airborne and other special unit in receiving wounded sent
The airports there to follow up and, excellence on airplanes and helicopters in cooperation with 669. Not one trained medical teams on victims receiving material scenarios
Chemical warfare, and was established in casualties washing one of the battalions. Also, where
Focus on treating victims of responses, which were sent to victims of responses among the region.

At the same time held large-scale training of expensive: expensive are responsible for absorbing the soldiers in hospitals, and emergency times they expanded with the assistance of the reserve forces.
During the exercise, work units in ten hospitals: Rambam, the fertile valley, Hillel Yaffe
ו”זיו” in SaFED, and exited the North when training held at Ichilov Hospital, Tel Hashomer, Hadassah and Soroca.

An extraordinary combination between the exercises took place in Valley Hospital “, bapola
Activated the emergency staff emergency hospital with apparent casualties and gave them then the precious hatamana the unit. To Hillel Yaffe hospital “hadra simulated casualties came with eviction mossek, when the site seemed unit active in the emergency room.

“This exercise differs from previous exercises in considering extent bound in the amount of mtorglot, also in the amount of tasks that air force and Navy participated in, and
The actual amount wounded exercises with the participation of hospitals and the air force, “said Gen. Gershon Hacohen. “Shipping center and test drove frames warriors significant volume so that actions of the General Headquarters, to the single truck, reflected in a drill.


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