Terrorist cell was arrested in the Ramallah area folk


Security forces arrested during ‘ pillar ‘ terrorist cell members throwing
Molotov cocktails were thrown at Israeli vehicles. Makhoul Benjamin: “prepared to protect residents of the region.”

תאריך: 17/01/2013, 17:40    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

For release: November 2012, revealed the General Security Service, assisted by the IDF and Israel Police Squad of terrorists, from Sinjil in
Ramallah, next to Ma’ale Levona. The cell was behind a series of terrorist attacks, some folk made during ‘ pillar ‘. Last month submitted to the military court in Judea indictments against them, accusing them of crimes including production and Molotov cocktails at Israeli vehicles on different occasions.

Spatial Division Commander, Colonel Jose Pinto, referred today to arrest the squad, which when the operation ‘ pillar ‘. “Most of the cases we call terrorism prevented people and quite a few arrests, the vast majority of very close to the incident and most subsequently prevented and treated,” he said. “During the meeting we had rising pillar of events that slowly eases. We feel time and we arranged in the near future to continue to protect residents of Benjamin. We are not a third intifada, “said.

Among the attacks of the squad was also the casting the incendiary bottles at an Israeli vehicle, driving on November 19 on Ma’ale Levona, near the סנג’ל junction (60). As a result of the attack and burning of vehicles, but passengers who managed to escape the burning vehicle, got out unscathed.

The main authors are Hasin Shabana, 30, a resident of Sinjil and Joseph ע’פרי, a resident of Sinjil as 21. Both don’t belong to one of the terrorist organizations. Shabana
Admitted in the interrogation and execution of involvement in throwing more toward cars with Israeli and IDF vehicles on 60 and at the entrance to the village, possession of weaponry and dune by stones and petrol bombs during the operation cast lead. During interrogation the two deported.

ע’פרי confessed during questioning in the attack and throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at Israeli vehicles in accord to participate in pipe bombs and shelling it found in other popular terrorism.

During interrogation at the General Security Service suspects India of involvement in the attacks, and a series of terrorist attacks, people throwing Molotov cocktails–bottles and stones were thrown at Israeli vehicles and buses, and IDF vehicles, riding on 60.

“We have witnessed a number of throws stones and Molotov cocktails. We collaborate so important with that, police and many forces working in the sector,
Brigade Commander emphasized.

ISA official stated today that the village of Sinjil is people of terrorist activities implemented towards the axis. After the arrest of the terrorists felt calm and moderate the amount of terrorist activity the event in the village.

Translated from Hebrew