That and the IDF uncovered a deposit of Islamic Jihad in Jenin

In recent months, a joint activity to include security and arrested in the Jenin region, ten activists of Islamic Jihad. In their investigation, it was found that the Headquarters Finance Chief Operating buck in Syria

תאריך: 22/01/2012, 10:27    
מחבר: שירות הביטחון הכללי

A joint activity of the General Security Service and the IDF, arrested in recent months in Jenin 10 activists of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) involved in terrorist activities.

Following interrogation in inhabit exposed regional headquarters of the buck, which was in contact with the headquarters in Syria and received large sums of money to finance operations, including for the purchase of weaponry and production. In addition to foreign relations, also with headquarters in Gaza officials and “soul society” (Association of the PIJ runs allowances and salaries to employ veterans and families of detainees-outlaw). This is for receiving and transferring money to PIJ terrorist operatives.

At the same time, the direct military command, which contained military link.
Which planned to carry out terrorist attacks against IDF soldiers shooting attacks towards the settlements, as well as kidnapping and bargaining. Squad members were also involved in the riots of the past
IDF forces in the sector, and to manufacture IEDs and explosives.

The headquarters was also involved in student activities in universities, which included recruiting and propaganda.

It should be noted that in the context of investigations captured kg potassium for manufacture, a Kalashnikov rifle, 150 bullets, and $ -2,050 raised as terrorist funds.
The indictments during December 2011, the military court in Salem, between
In corporate transfers and unlawful association, enemy, financial close with the enemy, holding weaponry, conspiracy to trafficking in war equipment and more.

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