That broke the record of women in technology end programming course

מפקדת לוט”ם, תא”ל איילה חכים בעת הענקת הסיכה. צילום: אגף התקשוב

At the end of a programming course this week for the first time stood more proudly than soldiering. Soldiers from the Orthodox have managed to integrate the arduous course. “The technology is significant advantage against our enemies.”

תאריך: 14/03/2013, 14:35    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Technology is no longer a thing of men:
Among the graduates of programming computer service Directorate, which came to an end this week (Tuesday) was for the first time a majority of women. An increase in the number of women who moved to programmatic role
Responsible, inter alia, a variety of projects which run teleprocessing in cooperation with the Ministry of education and high-tech companies, to encourage girls to achieve technological professions.
“For many years, this area is considered very masculine,” said IDF site school headquarters
Of computer science, Colonel Sun, “did a lot of activities to generate motivation and awareness to these roles for girls, to encourage girls to get into the field and not be deterred from it.”

At the end of a grueling process that lasted over six months completed the course over a hundred soldiers and soldiering, which ishtbzzo in different units in departments & intelligence arms, and air dry. “We’re looking at this course as a pilot course of the soldiers back,” said Lieutenant Colonel. “These soldiers are going to develop and build the technological systems that has our military advantage. No
Us personnel on our enemies, and therefore the technological advantage is significant.
In this particular period we were able to find quality people who managed to reach the highest level and demonstrate the attributes we are looking for creative, like programming, and teamwork, “she noted.

Between course graduates include
Soldiers from arriving to “one-time program will” and religious soldiers was part of a report path to the Haredi soldiers adapted their course faculty frame composed of men only, kosher environment planning of time and study. “Some of these soldiers married and fathers to the children, and they moved here a simple way,” explained Lieutenant Colonel. “Their route took eight months because he also included two months of preparing to line the knowledge of the English language and a basic recognition of the computer, so they can begin the course. But despite those adjustments had
Require the professional requirements of which are identical to other soldiers, they are no less tchnotim.

That broke the record of women in technology end programming course

To work with the most advanced technologies of the IDF during the course the students, photo: teleprocessing

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