That’s how it is when you have two

Tal GAL Amar are identical twins who serve together in the aisles of the military police and received a certificate of excellence from the military police officer for the main prize awarded

תאריך: 12/08/2012, 18:42    
מחבר: שי בכר, ענף תקשורת, דובר צה”ל

Staff Sergeant Tal Sergeant AMR GAL Amram are identical twins in the same platoon in the aisles of the military police. From an early age are having their lives in common, just like in the movies, playing the same games, wear them
Clothes and hang out with them.

GAL is bumpy books at school always got them, “in addition, we, our names sound the same, but we’re good, not saved it.
All sports were on “our great love is basketball, played for nine years in professional basketball in the National League but both meant to make significant service
In “no way we serve, not because it is our duty, but because it’s really important to serve the country and said” almost word for Word.
In December 2009 showed the twins the crossings of the military police battalion “and” casing wear the same clothes. The crossings which serve the seam line, Judea and Samaria, and Jerusalem envelope. The role inter alia to prevent the entry of terrorists, prevent smuggling, terrorist attacks and preventing aid to terrorist organizations that try to undermine the safety of the citizens of Israel. “It’s a very challenging role” Tal, also tblevim passes on us a lot. We offer many times people smile. “
Sell in the military police corps. It is a hardworking and soldiers. Both received the military police officer, Brigadier General Meir Ohana, awarded certificates of excellence and given a lot. When asked why they were selected for excellence, in humility, “we’re just doing our job. ‘ Still waters run stand, is what
Us property “.

Translated from Hebrew