The ב”עוצבת steel open wallets and save millions, divisional

אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Despite intense operational activity and participation, “ב”עמוד Division recorded big savings by using a unique method of distribution of economic responsibility

תאריך: 17/03/2013, 17:25    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The year 2012 has been a busy year and in operational activity for “steel” decorated. Besides the Government, endless operational training and absorbing thousands of fighters in all recruitment cycle, the Division reported on the operation “pillar”. A busy year like that means investing much time and course resources. However, the Division managed to finish in 2012 with huge savings of millions of shekels, investing in training and infrastructure. The secret, according to Lieutenant Colonel, Commander of the Division, anarchy, “right conduct, which creates the sensation of shathe”.

“Steel” decorated, is currently the only Division in the central command not the budget centrally, so that the whole Division Division sīmáo manages its economy, including all the baskets under which, among other things, training and education, government operational, thus
A situation arises in which each Division “of the budget details wallet directly, believing him.
This means that, unlike in the past, the Division receives for each exercise and it performs, and must manage the resources. Under this method, if the Division is indeed able to manage the budget, they can save and invest the same resource in another subject. “We manage correctly the resources so that all weight
We can produce high quality resource, “Colonel breaker bar. Therefore, commanders of divisions specialize in the topic and budget decisions that are required in this area too. The sīmáo added that “on the one hand, commanders are now getting more flexibility and are less dependent on Division, and it requires a lot more professional.

“The extent of the resources lost several million dollars.”

Who manages the budget issue in any division? “We slim managers in the Division. There against divisional management accounts, and division level there is a Department which engages in producing the necessary lessons, “said Colonel. “Ultimately, proper conduct creates a shathe intensification trend. If I look at the Division in 2010 against 2012, went worth several million dollars in terms of resources. Note that the existence of basket sīmáo, including military existence needs like water, food and electricity, influenced these resources in the State of Israel and the hatiicrotam, made efforts to find the balance and to invest in the basket if required.

One of the best examples of resource management division. 401. The Brigade said that “sīmáo finished the year in terms of training budget with very beautiful shaviot reserves, which chose to invest in various areas of the Division. Colonel Burr noted that the past year was challenging for the Division, which apart from the operational training, Government and “pillar” hosted the company’s course.

Another example of proper efficiency is electricity Division. The sīmáo said this aspect made efforts to save, including purchased timers for dining rooms and detectors that identify exit the room and turn off the power automatically. “From 2010
By 2012 we’re shathe efficiency, stiff opening mode of the Division’s resources. The Division of divisions now can invest resources in what you choose,
The Colonel explained. Therefore, the Division chose to invest on the construction and basic infrastructure Kfir Brigade and the Division rested, which in the past could not be performed. “Today we can dictate for ourselves what each level of investment and what the show”, said Deputy Commander of the Division.

Translated from Hebrew