The חטמ”ר Valley used to cope with riots

The Division has completed a full regimental exercise, in preparation for a wide range of extreme escalation scenarios. The Colonel, Yaron Beit-on: “maintain high readiness”

תאריך: 17/04/2013, 16:56    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The Brigade in the Valley used to host on its territory troops extensive, divisions and whole divisions throughout the year, training purposes. The time line: under that extreme escalation scenarios Division, regimental exercise full month, unique.

The Valley is loaded with wounded and dead, burning tyres and blocking roads, and terrorists crossing the fence-these scenarios are well known and burned in the minds of residents of the Valley alongside soldiers and officers meet along many years of intifada and operation defensive shield. But this time, there were no incidents but, when on the cafés of the Valley lying “hyenas” ב”דם” soldiers on stretchers, while dozens of paramedics and medical personnel quickly handled and thoroughly in the interpretation of pgiotiham.

The חטמ”ר Valley used to cope with riots

As the order of the day once the soldiers performed enemy blocked axes and tires,
Which covered the sky Valley in thick smoke. About this ה”הצגה wins the Colonel, Brigade Commander Yaron Beit-on, which made it clear to the IDF website that” we need to be prepared.
For the old geezer is crucial, and we are practicing every topic and subject to reach skill level and willing that if need it, know how to work most effectively.
The exercise
The CAG examine all the various escalation events, from disturbance, through terrorist attacks, infiltration attempts to animal events, casualties, penetration attempts
The security fence and prevention in light of intelligence information. The forces which took part in the regular forces will are found on routine security tasks in the sector, and the progress of the exercise raised reserve brigades that spread sectors depending on their operational plans.

“We act according to the level of true threats to our Division. In addition to the importance of exercise
In practice, another important qualifications to create a common language between the regular reserves, in order to know how to activate the reserve forces if we need it, “added Colonel
Home-on, “ultimately the exercise brings us to the level of skills and work in extreme conditions, and those made us next conflict if it occurs.”

Translated from Hebrew