The פח”ע continue to thwart Kfir:” any event illustrates the threats “

אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Live Division brigades located in recent weeks and rifle ammunition and a teenager who was trying to run a pipe against IDF officer: successful prevention Division increases the feeling of security

תאריך: 29/06/2013, 20:50    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The Kfir Brigade continue to prescribe operational successes in Judea and Samaria: over the past two weeks revealed troop force netzah Yehuda battalion “shotgun and dozens of bullets.
In a Palestinian vehicle in Jenin, and another battalion strength “carob” Etzion detention area boy carrying an explosive device made from pipe.

On Wednesday last week ranged from power with the help command in the sector, aim to disrupt and prevent פח”ע (hostile terrorist activity) in sector”, told IDF website the company commander of the regiment “netzah Yehuda battalion, Capt. Shai. “As part of the disruption and prevention we set up checkpoints in varying places to test randomly and search vehicles for weapons passed through”.
Late at night the fighters spotted a taxi driving recklessly. The power indication to the driver to stop the car and turn the trunk, where he uncovered a shotgun and 50 bullets. The passengers were transferred to the security forces.


The פח”ע continue to thwart Kfir:” any event illustrates the threats “

Hunters gun captured. Photo: IDF

“This type of incident is rare but not uncommon”, Captain. He added that the Battalion returned to the sector recently after two months of training period and before him the plates.
Many operational. “We make each week offensive operations, stop patrols and operations in space as the goal is for the obstruction of Tin”. Major Baruch said in addition
The entire battalion and company experience many operational successes. We are operationally for any event in the sector, and meeting points such as exposing the shotgun contribute to the sense of security of the soldiers themselves and the importance of our task here.

And in his hand baggage.

Meanwhile, another operational success in thwarting the Tin themed belongs to a battalion
“Carob” last week at a refugee camp in Etzion. “On Friday we received a report about a teenager suspected in the area. Jeep throwing stones toward our position,” said Deputy Commander of the Brigade, battalion Lieutenant track ג’ומעי dialect. “Pursuit force immediately came out but the boy escaped, and then jumped to another event power After a while, the boy returned to throw stones and we left him ran to one of the alleys, where he sprang on us by surprise when large shaben and he ran towards us. ” Lt. ג’ומעי said the boy went and came back to power, which began the procedure for apprehending suspects, and then grabbed him and tested not bearing suspicious object and taken for interrogation by Palestinian officials.

Last Sunday again came to the company reporting the same boy, and within seconds sprang to power and began chasing the refugee camp, where the Warrior that identified the boy trying to make a round object with metal and ptilia. The force understood immediately that this trunk pipe
Caught and threw him away towards the open, shbmazl the boy wasn’t enough to turn on the device, “the first semester, noting that immediately came to the open space probes to scan while the boy was transferred to interrogation.

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As mentioned above, incident in which a 13-year-old boy trying to throw towards IDF forces claimed is unusual, according to Deputy ג’ומעי relative. “The cargo threat is well known in our sector, but try a shot of a boy so young is a quantum leap”. The CM added that the fact that a company 3rd Battalion conducts operational activity such a high intensity is not self-evident, and that company warriors earn considerable operational experience. “This event demonstrates the warriors the threats we’re dealing with here and sharpen the alertness in sector.
Event management is a matter of seconds, and everything depends on alert and prepared. I feel the troops are ready for such events and extreme, “he said.

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