The air defences mentioned in historic interception

פלגה ה’, אחרי היירוט המוצלח בהרי לבנון. צילום: ארכיון

30 years ago intercepted ה”הוק system” Syrian aircraft advanced MiG-25 model, a plane or a missile could not disable, persistence and initiative of technician Res. The Tower: this is an historic achievement

תאריך: 30/11/2012, 15:40    
מחבר: צחי בירן, אתר צה”ל

Air Defense command is no longer the machine because it is micodo
Another anti-aircraft defense but also against rockets and missiles. Although this change ensures
The array to remember his legacy and its intended purpose and last week air defense unit in the North of 30 years of miscarriage of Syrian history progresses in Lebanon war.

A few hundred veteran and senior array may, gathered last week to the base
Air force in the North to increase August 31 Memorial Day successful self-propelled artillery battery hook (USA-made anti-aircraft system) to bring down a Syrian MiG-25 sorties by photo intelligence gathering strategies in favour of IDF activity in the sector.
Advanced aircraft flying in great height (in those days) of 70,000 and a speed of Mach 2.5.

The air force then decided to try to neutralize the threat and to give the name “chick”.
The Hawk system could intercept aircraft during this period up to 55,000 feet height only.
And try to expand its performance envelope was the battery at Jebel Baruch (1,943 meters above sea level). At the same time commit reserve technician determined named Finney speter, technical changes in a system meant to help her expand capabilities to cope successfully with the plane. Finally, on August 31, the plane was detected, the system has failed “lock” on it and two Hawk missiles were launched. The plane was damaged and lost altitude. At this point it attacked F-15s who managed to shoot towards air-to-air and knocked.
The plane crashed near the city of Jounieh and the same day the Syrians avoided iapi launch photo
Elsewhere in the sector. The technician determined won control in the air force. The veteran Hawk tract, many upgrades over the years, still serves in the country name protection

Air Defense Commander, Brig. Gen. Shahar Shohat, said tonight that the heritage of a miscarriage.
25, for the first time in the world, is a historic achievement, and important values. The event is for us the courage, professionalism, initiative, steadfastness and her success in bringing creative solutions “. In a wink to the achievements of the “iron dome” system in operation “pillar” said Tower “to take the system to the edge of the shell and then to open it again, only with highly motivated people, acknowledge the importance of the mission. Wing Commander to protect my country, Col. ran star, explained that “in light of operation ‘ pillar ‘ is right to keep our mind night timed heritage, but the legacy battle during a fight.

The unit commander, Lt. Col. Amir Moreno, stressed in the influence of the human factor in the case of complex technical systems. “The breakthrough performance affect on the duration the Syrian aircraft in Lebanon war if you ask me, it was a breakthrough. In the end he made the difference. The only spirit characterized by initiative,
Determination, professionalism and responsibility – so that your password nature in our hands. ” Major (Ret.) Murphy, party leader at the time of the interception, also stressed that “any weapons system, sophisticated as it may be, is not a substitute for the human thinking.

Translated from Hebrew