The air force has noted half 50th fall of Ron Arad

In a military ceremony held at Ramat David, went to the last flight, Sharon convened his family, his friends and the Corps commanders. Nehoshtan “Ron is an open wound in the heart of the air force.”

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מחבר: איתי איתמר, אתר חיל האוויר

Last week, the Government indicated in the deal to return the kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, many gathered at Ramat David to specify 25 years fall of Ron Arad. To the religion of the Valley Squadron “came from the controls apply to may, son.
Family and friends of captive Navigator.

25 years ago, just before Christmas, the same religion and mountain views is a phantom jets six hammers, pilots to an operational mission in Sidon, Lebanon. But the line was made in a short time. Number five left, the pilot was rescued, the Navigator. “It’s been 25 years exactly. Now, new warriors, new aircraft and new capabilities. After 25
Years back here in the same Squadron, but without Sharon Valley, “said Lt. Col. Eyal, hammers Squadron”.

Even after half a tributary, Ron’s friends about the event as if it happened yesterday. “25 years are a relatively long time to collect memories and try to bind them to maintain their image fades and Choco ‘ with the passing of years,” said Colonel (Ret.) Nissim yogev, joined the squadron. “The stories about die hard. I’m trying to share
A few more people in the memories still resonate in my mind and never leave me “.

“Ron is an open wound in the body and in the heart of the air force,” said major general ido nehushtan,
Commander of the IAF. “The loss and missed the added mystery we can’t solve.
This sense of failure, Ron left alive but we couldn’t bring him back to his family, home and freedom. It is difficult to live with this sense of failure, but we’re still waiting on Ron.

The character stares at pictures of Ron staying young and does not wrinkle up even as the stories about him only. Tami Arad was carrying things, and opened her words excited at the Government meeting that discussed the release of Gilad Shalit.

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