The air force is preparing for the arrival of Hercules J

The air force conducted the arrival of ה”שמשון,” the future of transport. Along with the significant advantages and new technologies, should be used to force
The plane.

תאריך: 23/08/2012, 10:18    
מחבר: יובל צוק, אתר חיל האוויר

The F-35 catches a lot of titles, but he’s not the only new plane the air force will receive in the coming years. In 2013, is expected to land here, Hercules, who won for “Samson” passages and steered transport system into the future.

Earlier this month, sent representatives of ה”קרנף”-technicians, air traffic controllers and air teams loaded to ramsten, Germany, to an American base, the largest outside
The United States, in order to meet the new Hercules and to continue the preparations for his arrival. Rhino teams also joined the flight, during which the graduates their abilities.
Of the plane. The teams were impressed by its improved Hercules flight benefits, and many technologies incorporated. “It’s amazing”, Lieutenant Colonel Eran, the loading unit commander who joined the delegation. “The plane created in the 1970s, we go directly to the 2000s”.

The American Squadron which was visited formerly Hercules squadron of type H, and conversion
Hercules J-type exactly the same process that the IAF would have to move when the time comes.
“The goal was to learn more about the Samson to come to us,” explains Lieutenant Colonel Eran.
“We wanted to understand the processes that had made American pilots, too, even the inspectors and to navigate.

As always, despite technological renewal benefits-borrower.
When the Hercules J lands in Israel, the Israeli air force will have to go to the cockpit for two in Greece, unlike Hercules planes in Samson no drive. The u.s. military, for example, solved the problem by having determined that the loading to the iconic role. Today, the air force has not yet been decided on such a move, and a possible Israeli hanoot is a iikafr on the absence of defining.

For pilots, the Samson will change significantly. The IAF also obviously in the United States air force, pilot of Hercules would be loyal to only one type of plane, and will not be able to maneuver between the new and old Hercules.

If you ask the Lieutenant Colonel Eran, ‘s loading supervisors actually won’t change and monitor the morning Hercules flying J can join that night Hercules flight H-not drive American army. “For inspectors, the J is equivalent to a rhinoceros, only with” incessant Col. gadgets. “The new aircraft will be able to accommodate more equipment or people, its structure and its new systems, but the inspector advise these details can function just like a rhino.

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