The air force launched the first application in

The application allows a glimpse of blue force, inter alia through the game allows flight in a fighter jet, helicopter or transport

תאריך: 29/12/2011, 14:58    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The IAF is proud to launch today (Thursday) the first application in the app also allows you to fly airplanes and helicopters and air force to perform the tasks required members applies to them at any time.

The application allows a glimpse deep into the operations of the IAF, in connection to the legacy of the force. A flight game app, users can fly
With fighter aircraft, transport aircraft or helicopter, to perform various tasks, avoiding obstacles,
And demonstrate knowledge.

The air force launched the first application in

The app was developed in recent months by air force and today is a first for its capacities through the wings to 163 exists today.

The IDF also are working on additional application development on all platforms and will allow a glimpse of. app soon launches first in English, in contacting the international audience.

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