The air force received the first Samson

Another step toward absorbing the advanced transport aircraft: last night received the air force over the first ה”שמשון of the us Lockheed Martin.
A strange Squadron opens in 2014

תאריך: 27/06/2013, 14:49    
מחבר: שני פומס, אתר חיל האוויר

The shmshvenim season starts: in a ceremony yesterday at the company’s plants Lockheed
Martin in the United States, received the Israeli air force aircraft ה”שמשון” (Hercules C-130J). The plane will remain in the company production factories in order to combine inside several Israeli systems and reaches Earth in 2014. “Various systems installed which correspond to his uniqueness of our air force,” explained Lieutenant Colonel URI, Commander of the team the squadron Samson.

In a ceremony yesterday at five in the afternoon (Israel clock) attended Attaché, Gen. Jacob Manning, senior Israeli air force and representatives of the Jewish community along with representatives of Lockheed Martin and the air force. “The delivery of the plane by gold key sumela, said Lieutenant Colonel. “In the same place just handed over to the IAF in 1971 the first rhinoceros and it is symbolic.

The Samson is an improved version of the Hercules (Hercules) Veterans serving in the Corps for over 40 years, and partners for a variety of famous and unknown tasks.
The new acquisition will strengthen and the arguments in both the long-term strategy and the IDF: Samson improved capabilities in relation to old rhinoceros and can lead to more fighters, to carry more cargo and long-range aircraft. Soon the teams will fly first to the United States to learn how to fly the plane, for a whole squadron of Samson. “The first plane will arrive in April 2014, and we are waiting for him at forward.

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