The air force will save millions of dollars in manufacturing processes

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Aircraft maintenance unit launched an extensive registration process DFMA savings of 40% during the machine work which implemented the method. The process is expected to fade all the IAF

תאריך: 30/10/2013, 14:30    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

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Aircraft maintenance unit of the air force unveiled savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars in manufacturing processes. The most recent exposure during the 12th National Conference
The Israeli Association for the Hotel Intercontinental in session ב”איכות business as part of advanced management methods.

The process that led to the significant savings DFMA – Design called for Manufacturing Ability. “We started the process in July 2012. Our goal was to abolish disparities
Among the engineers to the people who produce the actual products, “explained Capt. Jesse Simon, which was responsible for implementing the change in the maintenance unit. “Engineering design work is not always about adjust the machine capabilities, which led to create slow and strikes of products. 
After analyzing the process and factors of, identified a situation where 70% of the cost of making products would cost. During implementation, we decided to focus on efficiency in liver surgeon.

In order to streamline and cut costs in the development in the process which included DFMA changes in work methods, including bi reports on improvements and changes to engineers creating a mechanism for cooperation in which engineers arrived in lines to see whether the production process effectively, and creating a “to-do list” that touched at points along the production process, whereby every employee and allowed employees to test the effectiveness of activities.

The results were delayed to March 2013 and already has a full implementation of the process in the maintenance unit and registered a large increase in productivity of the machines.
This led to a 40 percent cut in working hours of the items method implemented, without damaging the quality of the products. Air force recorded savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Working hours of the machine are very expensive, and there are a lot of machinery maintenance unit. Once done, the efficiency saving process is significant, “explained Captain Shimon. By Friday night, already planning to promote the program to additional branches in the air force, in order to apply the changes to all.

Translated from Hebrew