The Anemone blossom

ה”כלנית” מקבל באופן אוטומטי ממוחשב את נתוני המטרה. יום כשירות שריון ברמת הגולן . צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

The armored Corps is expected to put into use already operational during the next year the ה”כלנית shell, which constitutes another IDF actions to reduce the impact of the armored vehicles, anti-tank missiles. Renewal: the shell gets fully objective data
Auto has been in the Chamber, and all that is left is to click on the launch button

תאריך: 10/06/2009, 10:27    
מחבר: ארנון בן-דרור

One of the armored Corps divisions is expected to pick up during the coming months first shells “Anemone” a week before shooting experiment at will.
These days are made in light of the military industry, the ה”כלנית” hundreds of rounds first.
Some are tried in the first division, in its shell. The shell is expected to go into use already operational during the next year, then it icetido × “Merkava mark 3, Mark 4″ ו”מרכבה” of the armored Corps.

ה”כלנית shell” to 120 mm cannons designed primarily for anti-tank missiles facing the links hidden behind an obstacle and the effectiveness of nterlot shell.
Nora ה”כלנית over to the squad, was arrested in the air and blow over the link
Six Chargers in different rsisiham intervals strike and paralyze requests.

The shell is part of a series of measures from the IDF to provide to reduce the impact of
The only
The anti-tank fire, including: active protection system for tanks “trophy, which went recently to use one of the first armored divisions and active defense system for anti-aircraft (a ngmshi) –” iron fist “, a sequel to last development.

ה”כלנית shell” is the development of ה”רקפת shell” used by armored Corps in recent years and 105 mm cannons fitted. “ה”כלנית, ה”רקפת” shell, getting in the way
Computerized automatic target data already in the Chamber, in fact, the tank is to highlight the intended target with one press and ה”כלנית shell” will
In the other. When using ב”רקפת”, however, the tank crew to enter the data in order to shell, before inserting it into the Chamber.

Automatic data entry with no contact within the Chamber, allowing the tank to carry the shell in line all the time and shoot them immediately. Another advantage of the rising ה”כלנית” is the ability to change the shell when it is already in the Chamber.
While ה”רקפת” is intended for use in tanks 105 Cannon owners like ו”מרכבה ilmiterim ה”מגח “mark 2” bulb is designed for use in advanced tank of armored Corps: “Merkava Mark 4 Mark III” ו”מרכבה”. ה”כלנית, which is the leading edge of world arms can also be used to damage buildings, helicopters and other tools by using a variable in the six charges are in the shell. As regards the soldiers speaks just at the touch of a button differently.

Translated from Hebrew