“The army and its duty service-that’s what it takes to lead the State of Israel.”

צילום ארכיון

Speaking to high school students in Jerusalem, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz addressed the issue
The equality of burden and the security situation in the North. Three months after operation “pillar”, said: “there is a recognition of the deterrence.”

תאריך: 17/02/2013, 19:38    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Chief, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, speculated today (Sunday) that the “likelihood to use chemical weapons because Syria-very, very low”. Speaking to high school students in Jerusalem, referring to the events in the North and, in relation to chemical weapons in Syria, “there is a defensive solutions, it solutions, tkapis.
This first ceiling problem.

“For 40 years it was the hottest front in Israel. Now global Jihad and terrorist bodies are based in the area. We hope that there will be peace, but hope not. ”
Work programme, and therefore we are operational, with powers isofit, obstacles, and with action concepts and know how to promote any threat coming from this arena, “said Chief in regard to reality in the South after operation” pillar “, said that” there is recognition of the deterrence. “

Lt. General Ganz referred, meanwhile, also anxious to rush army issue and said that “at the end should be able to fit in. Haredim come, contribute, contribute, contribute to themselves and remain strong Orthodox beliefs, and have no intention to turn them into something else army than they. Service obligation and that’s what it takes to lead the State of Israel. “

With regard to the integration of women in the IDF Chief said that “we are open to women in the IDF, with adjustments. And encourage the recruitment of women.

Translated from Hebrew