“The army will respond in a manner that deters the attack in Burgas”

Lieutenant General Benny Ganz told the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in Parliament that it is difficult to guarantee that chemical weapons will remain in control. Said: “we are following closely after getting across the border.
In Syria. “

תאריך: 24/07/2012, 14:05    
מחבר: צחי בירן, אתר צה”ל

Chief, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, warned those responsible for the attack in Bulgaria for things said today (Tuesday) before the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Knesset: “find the way
Respond immediately. This should not be done in a single path, but as part of all our activities. We manage to do this judiciously and eventually the response arrives.

Regarding the risk of terrorist attacks against Israeli targets overseas, said Chief: “we are working all the time, intelligence, disrupting activity. There were 14 or 15 previous attempts the military followed and disrupted and ultimately successful attack there. Heard that this baarkatno Iran-backed Hezbollah and the fact that previous shibshno 15 clouding occurrence of the last attack. We need to continue the disruption.

Regarding the issue of non-conventional weapons held by the Syrian regime fighting for survival, “said Chief that it is difficult to guarantee that the Syrian chemical weapons remain safe ב”ידיים. “As soon as it has judicial control over this system. They keep it and increase security and it has not yet passed into the hands of negativity – that doesn’t mean that it stays that way.
This may change, and you can do it using civilians, Hezbollah etc and we will continue to follow it, “said Lieutenant General Gantz. The Chief stressed that in any case, take caution to not reach the State of “broad campaign than planning.”

According to Lt. General “grasp the Gantz Syria exists but is increasingly challenged.
We track the level of control and governance in all regions in Syria. Need to remember that there are 20,000 deaths near 4,000 of them from the security forces and about 16-17 thousand deserters, some officers in the senior ranks. “The defection not only nourishes the opposition.
It has no effect on this units not only has no controls. It also affects the functioning of the unit soldiers, others will be hurt in the timeline. He also said that “killing the elders he hits very hard. He (Assad) is different for people who lost but he lost the most close to him and family. This is a very significant blow “. He also said that the Syrian regime Damascus efforts Center and, with the assistance of Iran and Hezbollah. A predominance of assistance, counseling and personnel.

On the situation in the Golan said that the expression “Chief” the Syrians on the definitions used in the events we cover two years ago and today there are battles. The Army operates there. (Syrian) people were approaching the fence and back into the villages. Yesterday fell 3 mortar shells, two of them inside the buffer zone. They are not aimed at us, but it is approaching and friction can happen there events. We are following it closely, “said.

Chief his referred in Ganz also do in Gaza and said that terrorism targeted all the time but that moment and I suppose we don’t act. ”
About intrusion attempts through the Egyptian border said that “in recent weeks has been some decline but wouldn’t make it Gospel. Our effectiveness
The numbers, but doesn’t need to make new ones. He also said that as the new system will be more complete “click through and see attempts to sabotage her because a lot of money (from smuggling) involved here. Chief noted that “we have to see how we respond to such attempts because not enough to put the barrier.”

The deal also made air defense protection. According to him,
Iron Dome to between 10 and 13 battery, vibrantly magic wand system “.
Lt. General Gantz said that “going to war – nothing can be done against it and should be
Aware. Eventually the HFC can stick to and know how to operate through this channel. You must keep the deva authorities to their responsibility and continue functioning in emergencies.

Regarding the issue of equal burden said Lt. General Gantz to Knesset members that “the challenges we will require us to increase recruitment sources and edited all agreed.” Good guy to kiss for me and true we edited each scenario being asked. ” He also said that there is no shortcut to the service before extending the recruitment sources amounts to a successful execution.

Translated from Hebrew