The army’s first woman to serve as Vice-Squadron

Captain Daniel Pakada in the last six months in the ה”בסיסי stage” at home.
• Flight school currently serves 17 air force fighters in various flight courses

תאריך: 28/11/2007, 14:31    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Captain Daniel last night was Vice Commander of b Squadron transport squadron
Captain Daniel began his military service as an assistant controller at the control units of the air force.
Then she decided to volunteer for pilot course that ended in 2002 in transportation. She had been placed in the rhino Squadron progressed up the operational authority in the pilot and in the last six months though Pakada ה”בסיסי” underground phase in flight school. When moving the pilot campaigns, navigation and physical challenges.

Currently, 17 fighters serve in the air force in a variety of professions where flight Squadron
Battle Squadron pilot transport helicopters, helicopter gunships, transport pilot, Navigator, Navigator and constitutive transport plane.

In recent years, received the air force pilot’s course, dozens of girls finish
The course and the court orders 17 warriors aircrew, some already released and serve in reserve squadrons.

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