The array information security: some applications are a security threat, IDF

The soldiers and officers warned against using the applications that use information in their personal phones. The fear: disclosing surveillance officers and units and listening

תאריך: 05/08/2012, 19:01    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך, אתר צה”ל

The array of security information in the IDF launched today (Tuesday) a letter warning the IDF commanders and soldiers use applications that use personally identifiable information in the phones, including information sharing without user’s permission. The fear is against dangerous information on senior officers and units are categorized as ways to contact them are sometimes personal devices.

“In the age of smart phones, it is important to be aware of the security threat that are part of the IDF” applications, warned today. According to senior, many applications ”
Contributing to information disclosure by providing access to the phone memory on which they are installed and user information, including location, photos and personal information on the Web.

In the specify the application, for example “izeza”, which aims to identify every call performed to your mobile phone, even if it is a number which does not save onto your device. “Installing the application software ‘ steal ‘ without your knowledge and your ‘ phonebook ‘ device and transfers it to a central database, which can serve as valuable intelligence to the enemy by creating lists of your stakeholders and contributes to the army becoming a target for assault and listening,” pointed out in an array of security information.

Translated from Hebrew