The artillery corps is expected to approve a budget to implement a new cannon in the coming year

In testing now two new guns to combine one of them as part of a long plan. The new cannon to replace the “galloping”, an old Cannon
Of the force

תאריך: 20/09/2011, 17:42    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

Artillery corps continue to examine the implementation of new guns for the program Rabbi yearly. The two main candidates at this stage are non-Cannon defense industries company “Elbit” and another German company made gun, built in the USA at this point introduced applies the expectations and requirements of the new custom cannon.
Ranged, fire burst load capacity improved.

The new gun will be selected and embedded within the program Rabbi, is expected to replace Cannon “galloping”, for many years the IDF brigades over what appeared to be “examining the guns still exists, but the force has been formulated in compliance with that,” the IDF site tothanot רמ”ד at the main artillery, Maj. Marco Asaf,” the hotshot looking force
With ranged and faster fire Bay. ” Besides the Gunners have expressed the need for baby (self-propelled gun) to load automatically. “Automatically allow loading personnel reduction” specify major.

Runner-up at the artillery Cannon made KMW is the German company called AGM. The cannon has bought 155 mm, when its comes to fire six rounds per minute, with a range covering over 30 miles.

The other candidate is Cannon “Elbit”. Even in the Israeli company Elbit “examine cooperation with Americans for guns project mtniiaim. “Elbit” offered an upgrade to a cannon “galloping” to suit the modern battlefield, with deal applies
The Gunners.

Translated from Hebrew