The artists of “press” magic ו”שרביט” get your air

סימולטורים בחיל האוויר. תמונת אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

The System Simulator “arrow” weapon acquired last month, and the interception system Simulator “magic wand” will likely join the year || Any new system should be purchased for the air force gets along with Simulator

תאריך: 13/05/2015, 15:47    
מחבר: רתם קליגר, אתר צה”ל

חיל האוויר

A new Simulator of the arrow weapon system the air force last month. In the coming year will get training Simulator also intercept system “magic wand”, as part of upgrading the training capabilities of air defense command. In fact, from now on, every new system fixed by the IDF from self-evident with training Simulator at the air defense (Al).

The ‘ system ‘ is intended as a long-range ballistic missile, and is considered to have priority. “Simulators enables us to work out in a much more efficient, and save money for the transit system,” said Commander Tower school, Colonel ran.
“The advantage of the simulators with new systems is the fighters and officers at all levels can learn to operate the system quickly.

Basing air force trainers began two years ago when it bought first Simulator that simulates the activity of a ה”פטריוט”–responsible for shooting down unmanned aerial vehicles. Right after it, coach “iron dome” that qualifies to operate anti-missile missiles short-term. Last month completed the transition with training simulators with purchase of “click”.

The simulators are staffed throughout the week and allow self training and practice both with personal training. The amount of practical training during the training course has increased significantly, and that the soldiers arrive in cohorts with a lot more knowledge and accumulated experience. “We are building the training depending on current intelligence and prepare the fighters,” adds Colonel ran. “An example of a scenario that you can build it rocket barrage to many areas, as Ethan ב’צוק. In this case the iron dome warriors have to cope and make decisions how to intercept, just like in real time.

Translated from Hebrew